If you’ve never ridden in a limo with rock stars, allow me to paint you a picture.

There was a lot of alcohol, my favorite being the topnotch champagnechampagne
that was put into everyone’s hand and continually topped off (except for Todd Mittlebrook, who was content to sip from a flask).

There were a lot of beautiful women.  The ratio of musicians to these women, whom I can only assume were models, was easily 2:1.  I found myself squeezed in between Hart Baur and a lady whose skirt was so short I quickly came to know far more about her than I cared to.

The air was filled with excitement.  And cologne — lots of perfume and cologne — which stood in harsh contrast to the smell of the bag filled with Krystal burgers John Eaton insisted we stop for.  Have you ever gone through a drive-thru in a limo?  That’s a story in itself.limoAnd of course there was music.  Skum’s hit single “Bad Checks” played repeatedly throughout the long drive from the recording studio to the theater (to the exclusion of any other tracks and I never did get an explanation).  After a while, jammed in as I was and on my seventh glass of bubbly, I stopped questioning the music choice and tried to sing along, but the feathers from Hart’s red boa made their way into my nose every time I inhaled.

The limousine was so packed with people I can only imagine our exit resembled that of a clown car (perhaps one lost at the circus) once we reached our destination.  It was Skum’s final night in Memphis, and hundreds of their fans had gathered outside the Malco MalcoParadiso Theatre in hopes of catching a glimpse of the band.  A lucky few scored some autographs.  And an extremely lucky few had tickets to see a sneak peek of the film SkumRocks!

And me?  I didn’t need a ticket.  I was with the band (after ditching my date for Pat Burke).

As soon as we hit the red carpet, we were blinded by the lights of dozens of photographers.  Me and the women were, anyway.  The Skum dudes, having been through all this before, had put on their sunglasses, nighttime be damned.

Skum appeared to have the biggest entourage of the night as we all walked down the red carpet.  I think I only stumbled in my high heels once.  After the band chatted up the reporters and made some dreams come true by slipping a few girls their room keys, we headed inside for the sneak peek.  It was lucky director Clay Westervelt had reserved the front row, because it was a full house.

I won’t give out any spoilers here, but I will say this: SkumRocks! had an amazing reception that night in Memphis.  I’ve never seen a more captivated audience.  And when the film makes its debut at Raindance on the 26th of September, I’m going to make sure I’m in a reserved seat again.  Because if I’ve learned anything from my recent time with the band, it’s that Skum really does rock.redcarpet

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