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At Sun Studios, Memphis

L to R – Pat Burke, John Eaton, Tommy Gunn, Hart Baur, & Tommy Craig

Skum has seen a lot of changes throughout its history, with many comings and goings since the 80’s. Everything changes, and everything stays the same . . .

Skum’s Current Members:

Hart Baur  – Skum’s Lead Singer was raised in Miami on soccer and rock and roll, becoming instantly attracted to the theatrical rock of Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Kiss, and later, Van Halen. An accomplished soccer player who also ran track, Baur was disqualified from a school track meet for warming up in nothing but a towel.

After graduating from high school, Baur attended the College of William & Mary in Virginia, where he was a member of the one of the most infamous soccer teams ever assembled. It was here Baur met Todd  and Scott Bell, and together formed the rock band Skum. For the next several years, the band terrorized the east coast, later reforming in Miami where Baur joined forces with childhood friend, Pat Burke. The rest is rock and roll history.
“Rock and roll is a calling,” says Baur. “Unfortunately, no one called me.”

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Todd  Todd became the band’s bass player in 1984 because he owned a bass. “It was a way to meet girls,” he said. “We never thought it would come to anything, yet it turned out to be some of the most enjoyable years of my life”.

A native of East Northport, New York, Todd was attracted to rock and roll when he first heard “Smoke on the Water” in the parking lot of Gunther’s Pub, he knew that arena rock and roll was for him. An All-American soccer player at Northport high school, Todd went on to play for William & Mary where he met Hart and Scott.

Todd once lost a $20 bet when he could not identify which string on the bass was the “E” string. “Naming the strings never really was a priority for me,” said Todd.

A big fan of the Clash, Springsteen, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Alice Cooper, Todd currently makes his home in England. much to the dismay of the UK authorities.


tommycraigbioTommy Craig – Tommy Craig is probably one of the best unsigned drummers in America. He sessioned with Duff [McKagan] and Slash a couple of times out in LA, and when Steven Adler was getting run out of Guns ‘n’ Roses, he was in the pool of drummers to possibly replace him. He’s at that level.

Tommy lives in Melbourne, Florida and he sites his musical influences as Ratt, Led Zeppelin and Jigsaw.

He is currently writing his first book “See London Like a Rockstar for 50 Quid” and has plans to follow that with “Live LA Like a King for $35”. He currently is shopping around a travel show concept and hopes to make it a cable series. “It is very educational,” said Tommy.

Tommy models his stage persona on one of his favorite 80’s bands, Right Said Fred.


John Eaton - Sun Studio, Memphis, TN

John Eaton – Sun Studio, Memphis, TN

John Eaton – Brought in by BurkeEaton joined the band in Miami as another of the band’s bonafide musicians, and has been called a virtuoso on the guitar. “The band was still raw when I joined, but the melodies and hooks were there, so we fixed them.”

A graduate of Palmetto high school and FIU, John currently lives in Miami where he moonlights as a relator when not hanging out with ‘A’list celebrities. A big fan of hard rock, John credits his musical influences as Ratt, Quiet Riot, Bronski Beat and Andy Gibb.


Pat Burke

Pat Burke

 Pat Burke : Considered the “quarterback” of Skum’s musical team, Pat joined the band after its move to Miami, and is responsible for bringing John Eaton into the band. A huge NASCAR fan, Burke is seldom photographed without his signature cap.

A classmate and teammate of Hart at Palmer High School in Miami, Fla, Pat was once red carded from a high school soccer game for throwing rocks, Pat is a no-nonsense guy who is known to let others have a piece of his mind.

An expert chef, Pat is known for hosting elaborate dinner parties and brunches where friends and celebrities alike mingle.

His bass playing is often compared to Noel Redding of the Jimi Hendrix experience.  “I’ll take that,” said Pat.



Jery-Mann1 Jerry Mann – Former Skum lead guitarist Jerry Mann died of diabetes complications in 2009 at the age of 40. Skum Rocks! is dedicated to him.

Discovered in the Newport News metal Band Silent Victim, Mann was one of the best guitarist on the mid-atlantic music scene. After Skum Mann went on to form Fat Sam and had moderate success with that outfit before his illness forced him to scale down his musical work.

He was slated to be interviewed for “Skum Rocks!” when he died suddenly in his sleep.

Tommy Gunn

Tommy Gunn

Tommy Gunn  Drummer, Guitarist, Singer, Actor & time waster. Tommy Gunn began on the drums at the age of ten. During High School, Tommy liked to write poetry and sing so picking up the guitar was a perfect way to accompany his song writing. Plus the only air conditioned rooms were in the music rooms so he took piano & chorus. It’s hot as Hell in Hialeah! He studied music
at the University of Miami and finished up at Berklee in Boston.

Tommy was the 13th Drummer for the infamous band SKUM, giving up the throne to yet another one of his drum-techs. Tommy currently plays with the Go For Broke Blues Band and lives in South Florida with his wife and dog, Leah. (Leah is also from Hialeah). Tommy has starred in porn films and had some roles on television and film.


Jon Tarrant

Jon Tarrant

Jon Tarrant  A product of the ‘60s and a long Celtic tradition of musical experimentalism, young Jon Tarrant was attracted to the vibrant sounds and colors of all manner of musical styles – from punk rock to Elton John and the Beatles, he devoured them all. It was in his formative years as a student in London that his appreciation for the do-it-yourself aesthetic became a driving force. Fast forward several years to the verdant fields and vales of our faire colonial towne of Williamsburg, and a chance encounter with the bass savant Todd Mittlebrook, and showman extraordinaire, Hart Baur, whereupon Tarrant was asked to audition for Skum. This was the creative spark that ignited a string of hits, the like of which Williamsburg has not seen for many a year.


Bell in 2012

Bell in 2012

Scott Bell – Drummer  Bell is another of the band’s original members from William and Mary. “My right foot was just constantly going 100 miles an hour,” he remembered. “That’s my bass drum in every song we played. In no way, shape or form was I a drummer.”

An excellent soccer player who went on to play professionally for the Dallas Sidekicks, Bell was a popular member of the band during its early years. And he has claimed to have started stage diving.

Scott left the band after graduation. “The part in the film about me getting fired because I was too handsome and got all the chicks? That part is absolutely true.”

Three’s Company fame in the mid-eighties.

Herb George

Herb George

Herb George – Lead Bassist  Herb joined the band as “lead bassist” (a move Skum claims was unprecedented in rock history), sharing the bass role with Middlebrook for a time before becoming Skum’s sole bass player. He didn’t head south with the rest of the guys after graduation, a split that was not entirely harmonious when he was apparently threatened by Pat Burke.
“I couldn’t take it, this was supposed to be about music and none had anything to do with music. Then this guy tells me to quit the band or they will never find me. Come on man, I got out of that scene as fast as I could.”

Her currently writes for US Rockstar Magazine.



Westervelt on the set of Skum Rocks!

Westervelt on the set of Skum Rocks!

Clay Westervelt – Director, Skum Rocks!

After receiving his MFA in Film Production from USC, Clay filmed pilots for every major network, establishing the look of series such as Life of Luxury with Robin Leach, Gene Simmons: Family Jewels,Rattlesnake Republic, and Junk Gypsies. Clay branched into directing with thursday afternoon, winning additional awards for writing and directing. Establishing Martini Crew Booking as a service provider for television and film productions in 2000, Clay filmed the Emmy-winning The Legend of Pancho Barnes and the Happy Bottom Riding Club. In 2003, Clay formed Imaginaut Entertainment, Inc., producing and directing the award-winning series Storyline Online. Imaginaut Entertainment released its first feature documentary,Popatopolis, in 2009 and co-produced the documentary Miss You Can Do It, recently bought by HBO. Clay’s recent projects include Senior Supervising Producer on Junk Gypsies and the star-studded rock-doc, Skum ROCKS!.

Walter Bruning (tux)

Walter Bruning (tux)

Walter Bruning, Band Attorney

Having received his law degree from Cornell is 1967, Walter Bruning has long been on the cutting edge of the legal profession. Specializing in contractural law, Bruning has been a member of the Skum front office since 1986, when he met the band backstage at the Cameo Theatre in Miami Beach. He has written every contract for the band since he joined the team.

Involved in some questionable practices (especially one involving a sex tape), Bruning remains focused on maintaining a ‘lifestyle’.  A big supporter of the arts and a major player in the Miami Art Basel scene,  Bruning is always the first to the party.


22462_100952936605680_1484058_nPercy Munger – Road Manager

Without doubt the most important member of the Skum road crew, Munger has been with the band since 1984. He first met the band while living under a bridge in Colonial Williamsburg, when Skum was scheduled to play at “The Festival of Good Times”.

“I love these guys and their music,” he says. “I still get a tear in my eye every time I hear Fred.”

Munger claims to also have worked with Led Zepplin and Dirty Trick, though declines to say exactly what he did for them.

Munger is a freelance contributor to pop magazine, Inside Celebrities, making him the only homeless celebrity gossip columnist in the U.S.


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