Backstage with Quiet Riot!

Backstage with Quiet Riot at the ‘Legends of Rock’ concert in Boca Raton, Florida, Skum’s Hart Baur and John Eaton were hanging with good friend and rock and roll legend Frankie Banali.

The guy’s were  up in Boca to support Frankie and his boys as they rocked the house with an explosive set. “I have been a Quiet Riot fan for most of my life.” said lead guitarist John Eaton. “When I was learning to play guitar I would put on “Metal Health” and play to each song until the grooves on the record wore out. These guys were a huge influence for me.”

“Frankie did a cameo for ‘Skum Rocks!’ which is a huge honor for us, so it was great to get up here and show some support,” said lead singer Hart Baur. “These guys put on a hell of a show.”

While backstage, the guys talked about the music scene, the movie as well as the Quiet Riot documentary in production that is being produced and directed by Regina Russell. “We are hoping to have it ready for next year’s festival circuit,” said Banali. “It is going to be great for the fans of Quiet Riot.”

Banali added “I can’t wait to see ‘Skum Rocks!’ It was a blast doing the cameo and I can’t wait to rock the red carpet!’

Then the guys went out and watched Quiet Riot tear up the place with a blistering set.

“These guys sounded as good tonight as they did when I saw them in 1985,” said Eaton. “This is one of the most influential bands of the last thirty years.”

Added Baur, “Frankie Banali is a class guy and one of the best rock drummers of our generation. It is great to see this band still delivering hard driving rock and roll. And that is a tribute to Frankie and his love of the fans.”

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