Scoring with Sasha Gradiva

John Eaton, Sasha Gradiva and Hart Hart Baur

Fresh off her red carpet bonanza at the Grammy Awards, where she was removed because of having guns sewn onto her dress, Russian born Sasha Gradiva was back on the road promoting her new single ‘Wanted’ and was in Miami for a St. Patrick’s Day show at club Score. She invited the guys over to hang with her at her sound check, and what better way to start an afternoon of recording then hanging backstage with Sasha?

Skum lead guitarist John Eaton was impressed with Sasha’s commitment to not lip sync and sing live. “Sasha doesn’t go that route and makes it live, the way it should be,” said Eaton. “I like her style and she is going to be a huge star.”

“Great that they came out to see the sound check,” said Gradiva. “I wanted them to hear the new single ‘I’m on Fire’ on the big speakers.”

“Song was great,” said lead singer Hart Baur. “Not so much into club music, but these songs have a lot of soul to them and sound great live. Sasha puts a lot of thought into crafting them and it really comes across. She is going to rock this place tonight for sure.”

Gradiva is on her way to becoming a super star in this industry as she did in her native Russia, but now is bent on conquering America.

“It is hard not to be a fan,” said rhythm bassist Todd Mittlebrook. “What she did in Europe, the scope of her work, the magazine covers and now the Grammy thing was just brilliant. Love her music.”

Look for the new single ‘I’m on Fire’ now on I Tunes as well as her new video which can be seen everywhere.

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