Bruning and Martindale Shoot Scene for ‘Skum Rocks!’

On Saturday morning the ‘Skum Rocks!’ film crew headed over to Miami Beach for the shooting of a hilarious scene for the upcoming the movie ‘Skum Rocks!’. The scene entails two members of the band’s entourage that are caught abusing their power of access granted by the band, to get young girls. What else is new?
The band’s tour manager, Steve Martindale, was in bed wearing his colorfully printed boxers totally mesmerized by Errabella Victoria’s sexy attire. “They told me I would be with someone hot, and they weren’t kidding. It’s just like the old days with these guys, never a shortage of beautiful women. I hope we tour again.” But sparkling sequenced bras and tight black miniskirts were not the only highlight of the day, witnessing Victoria jolt across the room in 6 inch heels as Martindale chased after her to no avail, was quite an experience.
“[It was a] great shoot with the guys. This film is over the top, I can’t wait to see this. ” Errabella further explained her past experiences running in heels, saying “its not easy.”
If this didn’t already have you bursting into laughter, Walter Bruning and Tiffany Hayden’s simultaneous and morally questionable emersion from the bathroom in scanty attire would surely have you in tears.
Hayden said she “[absolutely] loved it. Being a part of this is totally cool.” Her cheetah print corset and matching heels had the whole crew salivating, “The shoot went well, Errabella and Tiffany looked hot as hell, and Walter is the best” said Erix Mercedes, camera man and editor.
The shoot was a definite success and Bruning’s words summarized the day perfectly, “I loved the ladies, and this was all about them. Its always about them.”
Andrea Rey

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