Guys Attend Epic Eddie Money Show in Pompano Beach


Hart Eddie and Tommy joking backstage

Hart, Eddie and Tommy joking together backstage

Tommy Craig, John Eaton and Hart Baur joined the party backstage at the the Eddie Money concert this past Saturday Night in beautiful downtown Pompano Beach, Florida. In what was one of the most important concerts of the young season, Money performed to a sold out, standing-room only crowd that spanned three generation of fans and included opening guest Starship, fronted by Mickey Thomas.

The band is currently in talks for the TV show to follow the release of their documentary ‘Skum Rocks!” and wanted to stop by and talk with Eddie, as well as show their support.

Nigel backstage

Nigel backstage

As far as outdoor rock shows go, this one was one of the all-time greats. International celebrity journalist Nigel Pandemonium was backstage, as was concert icon Bobby Newcastle. “Smashing show!” said Pandemonium, “Eddie was in great form and it was a absolutely splendid performance by Mickey. I spoke with Eddie afterward and he was very happy with the evening. He told me ‘Nigel it was a great crowd and we fed off that.”

Newcastle backstage

Newcastle backstage

Even Bobby Newcastle agreed. “Great show. Yeah Eddie was on. Starship impressed me as well.”

Things got off to a great start when Starship hit the stage at 8pm sharp. Starship front man Mickey Thomas was spot on as they belted out hit after hit sounding as if it were 1987 all over again.

Skum drummer Tommy Craig said “Starship just killed it. Mickey was off the charts vocally and Stephanie blew me away with ‘White Rabbit”. And it was just so awesome to see Eddie again. What a guy. We were talking about the TV show and he was just in a great mood. Then he gets up on stage and just brought the place down. Great show.”

Mickey Thomas added, ” It was great to see the guys out at the show, but I thought Bruke was coming. He texted he was going to make it.”  (Pat Burke was unable to attend the show as he was committed to a charity event in Raleigh the same night.)

Eddie hit all stops during his 75 minute set as the crowd ate up his one liners along with

Hart and Mickey

Hart and Mickey

the hits. “Two Tickets to Paradise”, “I think I’m in Love”, I Wanna Go Back”  kept the crowd on their feet and he raised the roof with his encore ‘Shakin’.

“Eddie Money personifies what this business is all about,” said lead singer Hart Baur. “He is not only one of the classiest guys on tour, but just a total performer. Writes great songs, great hooks, has amazing rapport with the crowd and then just when you think he can’t get better he whips out the sax and blows the place away.”

Hart, Steph and Tommy

Hart, Steph and Tommy

The band discussed the possibility of collaborating on on a remake of Money’s classic 1984 hit “Shakin” in what guitarist John Eaton said would be an “epic collaboration.”

“It was great to see the guys again,” added Eddie. “We hadn’t seen each other since we played on the same bill in 2015 and you know how I feel about them. Love them. Let’s get this done! Song is going to rock.”

John Eaton and Trisha Yearwood – Country Cooking!

John Eaton and Trisha Yearwood

John Eaton and Trisha Yearwood

On Sunday Skum’s lead guitarist John Eaton joined friend and country superstar Trisha Yearwood at her country style brunch held at the Loew’s Miami Beach.  The brunch was a highlight of the Miami Wine and Food Festival, an annual event that attracts scores of celebrities and celebrity chefs from around the world,

Trisha not only hosted her brunch, but many of her dishes were on display for all to taste and to top if off and she even played a five song set for sold out event. Tickets were impossible to get, but the band was well represented as John was there to support Trisha with her event.

“Brunch on the beach with Trisha? Are you kidding me? Great way to end the Food Fest”, said John who even got behind the table and whipped up some omelets for thrilled guests.

“I couldn’t believe John Eaton was cooking my omelet”, said Food Fest patron Robin van Calcar who flew in from London, England for the festival. “I look up and he asks me if I want some mushrooms and salsa. “Only in Miami!”

“I told Trisha that next year we should do something special with the whole band and she was all in. She was giving me a hard time that we didn’t ask her to join us on stage last month.”

“Martika is great and I love her but I would have loved to do it,” said a smiling Yearwood.  “But I did hear it was a great compilation.

“I met Trisha a few years ago at her wedding to Garth and always loved her music,” said John. “When our friends come into town we always make it a point to get out and support them.  It is what makes this band great.”


The film SkumROCKS! has gotten even better. cherie currieart561971_621413557901476_1514730799_n

Skum has announced that Cherie Currie, the rock and roll icon who sang lead vocals for the legendary Runaways, filmed a spot for SkumROCKS! on location in Los Angeles this weekend.  Director Clay Westervelt of Imaginaut Entertainment says he was thrilled to add such a well-regarded musician to the movie.  “Cherie is great.  She’s so busy it was a challenge to find time in her schedule to film her, but once it was organized, it all flowed easily.  It took longer to drive to the location than it did to shoot.  She nailed it.”

The movie already features a star-studded lineup that some are calling titanic.  To see the complete list visit IMDB at

Cherie will receive the “Prestigious Rock Legend Award” at the Malibu Music Festival and Awards Show on October 19th at Pepperdine University.  Grace Slick, Robert Hays and Jake Hays will present.  She will perform three songs for this event including “Air That I Breathe” from her upcoming album.  Congratulations Cherie!

Currie is the Californian beauty who fronted the first great all girls rock and roll band, The Runaways, who many consider the greatest female rock band ever. runawaysThe Runaways, with Currie in the lead, established themselves at the forefront of the music scene, headlining major venues and having such acts as Cheap Trick and Van Halen as openers — and all before they were eighteen years old!  It’s crazy to look back on that era and see the talent level the Runaways had — Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Sandy West, Jackie Fox — and of course Cherie Currie.  They left a lasting legacy that paved the way for so many female bands to emulate down the road.

Skum’s lead bass player, Pat Burke, commented, “I am thrilled that Cherie will be a part of SkumROCKS!  The Runaways are one of those iconic bands that belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  It’s an honor to have Cherie in our movie.”

Westervelt added that Ms. Currie would be the last artist added to the film before it makes its world premiere in London next week at the Raindance Film Festival.

For more information on the SkumROCKS! Premiere at the 21st Raindance Film Festival, visit .

Skum Gets ‘Very Sexy’ with Erin Heatherton & Candice Swanepoel

Hart Baur and Erin Heatherton

John Eaton and Candice Swanepoel

Miami, FL. – Taking a break from the intense recording sessions of “Lost at the Circus’ Skum’s John Eaton, Pat Burke and Hart Baur headed out to the Mondarian South Beach to hang out with some of their more beautiful friends, Victoria’s Secret models Erin Heatherton and Candice Swanepoel.

The girls were in town to promote Victoria’s Secrets new ‘Very Sexy ‘ line and the guys couldn’t pass up a chance to get out of the studio and mingle with the Angels.

“We’ve been writing like crazy and laying down some nasty tracks,” said lead guitarist John Eaton. “So when we heard the girls were going be hanging here, what better way to break up the day? Besides I met Erin last year. She’s a sweetheart.”

“Ahh thank you Johnny!’ He’s so sweet.” said a laughing Heatherton.

After the girls’ posed for the cameras, they were able to hang out with the band for a bit and talked about the album and the film.

“I’m just here to promote the ‘Very Sexy’ line and new fragrance, so really can’t go out and party at all and it is a shame because I love Miami,” said Swanepoel.

Lead bassist Pat Burke asked Swanepoel if she would be in the band’s first video for the album and she laughed saying ‘I don’t know, can you guys afford me?’ To which lead singer Hart Baur replied with a laugh “we do if you will take a check.”

“We are big fans of Victoria’s Secret,” said Baur. “We were all backstage a few years back at Fountainbleu when they filmed that show here. It was a pretty good night before they threw us out. You know, its a rock thing.”

After the meet and greet, the girls had to catch a flight to New York and the guys were supposed to head back to the studio.

“I don’t know. Today’s such a beautiful day I may take the day off,’ said Eaton.

Richie Sambora and John Eaton Talk Shop

Skum’s John Eaton and Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora hung out backstage at the Hard Rock Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino few weeks ago as Sambora hosted the Bikers Bash.  The two guitar gods were joined by lead singer Hart Baur as the boys showed their support for the charity that raises millions each year for disadvantaged kids.

Sambora fresh off the world wide Bon Jovi tour that played in over 30 countries and to crowds in excess of 75,000, was ready to add his voice and guitar to the Biker Bash and raise some money for the kids.

Skum also has done its share of charity concerts, was glad to be represented. “It is great to be able to do this each year and help out the kids. It’s a good night for everyone,” added Sambora.

“It’s great to be out here supporting this event,” said Baur. “What Richie does each year is amazing. It is was great to see him and catch up. It’s has been awhile.”

The two guitarists talked about the recent Bon Jovi tour, the upcoming film “Skum Rocks!,” and Skum’s controversial use of a two bass line up.

“Two basses, crazy man” said Sambora laughing.

“I was telling Richie that we were trying to capture that fat sound they had on ‘Slippery’ and he understood.”

“You know a lot of those bass lines on ‘Slippery’ were guitar lines. So yeah, I can see that,” said Sambora as the two sat backstage waiting for Sambora to hit the stage.

“It’s all about the lead bass and the rhythm bass,” Eaton said.

“Yeah, lead bass and rhythm bass,” added Sambora laughing.

Afterward the guys headed out into the floor to catch the show.

“Richie rocked it out as expected,” added Eaton. ‘Guy is amazing and a great guy to be doing this. A lot of fellow musicians can learn from a night like this.”

Skum Celebrates 150 Years of Bacardi!

Hart Baur, Minka Kelly and John Eaton

On a beautiful Saturday night in downtown Miami, under the famed tiled facade of the Baracrdi Building situated off Biscayne Boulevard, Skum’s Hart Baur and John Eaton helped ring in the 150th birthday of one of Miami’s fabled businesses, Bacardi Rum.

Joining fellow celebs Minka Kelly, Emilo and Gloria Estefan, Jimmy Cefalo, Glenn Rice, Alex Rodriquez and Hollywood hearthtrob Ryan Phillippe, the boys kicked back and enjoyed the evening with their friends.

“What Bacarid has done not only as great brand, but what they have done for the city of Miami is immeasuable,” said Lead singer Hart Baur, “It was great to be out honoring them.”

Mingling in the tasting room, where Bacardi opened up a few select casks of aged 18 year old rum, the guys talked with people about the film as well as their album.

“Minka looked great in her red dress,”  said lead guitarist John Eaton. “And it was fun to joke around with her. Hart always wears this red jacket and I was joking that she was trying to copy him.”

After the cocktail reception the crowd ventured over to the large dance floor where a Cuban band belted out Miami favorites to the crowd.

Miami’s own Gloria Estefan pointed out to Hart where the Miami Sound Machine shot their  first video in 1985, right underneath the famed Bacardi Facade. “It was right there,” she said pointing to the spot. “Seems so long ago.”

“This was a great Miami night. Good people and a party thrown by a great company, which happens to make the world’s best rum,” added Eaton. “And Minka looked stunning, maybe we can get her to be in the video for the single.”


Joan Jett and SKUM Love Rock-n-Roll

Joan Jett and the guys from Skum laughed it up on the White Carpet at Miami’s
Make-A-Wish Ball last Saturday night. Skum’s John Eaton and Hart Baur were on
hand to support the evening and rock out with legend Joan Jett.

The event raised over 3 million dollars for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and
everyone in attendance was excited about the headliner of the night, Joan Jett
and the Blackhearts.

“It was great to be able to be out here supporting Joan and the
foundation,” said Lead Singer Hart Baur. “We have been fans of hers for years
and opened up for her at Peacock Park in 1989. She always puts on a great show
and tonight is going rock!”
Jett played a rousing no holds barred set of 45 minutes including her tops
hits “I Love Rock and Roll,” “I hate Myself,” and “Crimson and Clover” to name a
“Joan was awesome,” said Lead Guitarist John Eaton. “I mean to do this for
the event was amazing and when she high fived me during ‘Cherry Bomb’ I knew she
was have a blast a sell. Vintage Joan Jett, she just keeps getting
After the show the along with famed attorney Walter Bruning attended one of
the many after parties that went well into the night.
“We helped raise a lot of money and had some fun doing it. About as perfect
of a night as it gets,” said Bruning.

Skum Invades Blaze Radio’s ‘The Age of Metal’

On Tuesday April 5th, the members Skum along with good friend Phoenix Benjamin hit the airwaves on Phoenix’s hottest metal show, ‘The Age of Metal’ on ASU’s The Blaze 1330 AM. DJ and show creator Miguel Rozo was on hand to conduct a firece, no holds barred interview with the band, detailing their early years as well as the band’s collapse in 1991. “It was great to see Miguel and get on ‘The Age of Metal’, said lead bassist Pat Burke. “Baur turned me onto to the show a few weeks back and I streamline that bitch every Tuesday night.”

Skum Lead Guitarist John Eaton went even further stating ‘Miguel runs a tight show and it is a must for any lover of hard edged metal. You can streamline it and listen anywhere in the world.”  Rozo added ‘it was great to have the guys in here. Riveting to hear first hand what happened back in the day with the lost tapes and the upcoming film.’

Things got heated when an ex-girlfriend of Burke called in and launched into a tirade of her apparent treatment when they were dating. Rozo quickly jumped into action and cut the call short, citing FCC regulations.

“I like the format of ‘The Age of Metal,’ rhythm bassist Todd Mittlebrook added. “Miguel doesn’t mess around, he plays what metal fans want to hear, straight up bone crunching metal. He loves what he does and that passion shows.”

Lead singer Hart Baur added ‘it was an honor being on Miguel’s show. The Blaze has a diamond there. I am and will be a huge fan of ‘The Age of Metal’. Was a brilliant interview, he did his homework. We took some serious calls and all in all who could ask for more?’

Rozo added “it was great to have the Skum in the studio along with Phoenix Benjamin.  The Age of Metal loves to have bands in here and to play hard nosed metal. That’s what do here.”

Rozo also debuted Benjamin’s new single ‘Country Girl’, commented Benjamin in Blaze’s parking lot, ‘Miguel was cool man, he’s got it going in the right direction for sure. Loved the show, was simply outstanding bro.”

‘The Age of Metal’ airs weekly every Tuesday night from 8-10PM PST and can be heard live streamling on

Call Miguel on the studio request line at 480-956-1260.

Skum’s Just Hanging Out with Jenny!

Skum ran into their old friend Jenny McCarthy last Friday night at the EPIC Hotel in Downtown Miami. Jenny was promoting her new book ‘Lust, Love and Faking It‘. The guys hung out with Jenny as she mingled with fans after her book signing, Afterward, everyone headed down to the bar and over a few drinks, Jenny started a discussion over the last line of ‘Hanging out with Fred,” saying she always thought is was “Jerry Lee is Fred.” 

When explained to her that the correct line was indeed ‘JD’, she relied, ‘who the hell is JD?’  

Jenny, a long time fan of Skum and even a bigger fan of Herb George was giving John and Hart a hard time about kicking Herb out of the band reminding them “Herb had Style”.

Regardless of the Herbless line up of Skum Jenny and all of her Playmate friends are stoked about the reunion, “We can’t wait”.