Chanel Ryan in “Skum Rocks!”

Chanel Ryan, a top swimsuit/lingerie model & actress based in Los Angeles has just completed her filming for her segment in the upcoming film “Skum Rocks!”. In addition to being a huge fan, Chanel has worked all over the world including Australia, the Bahamas, Canada, Costa Rica, Italy, Mexico, the Philippines, Spain and Taiwan! Her image has graced magazine covers and layouts across the globe including such as major publications such as FHM, Maxim and Playboy.

Chanel Ryan on the set of 'Skum Rocks!'

Her acting career has taken off with her roles in “Basketball”, “Afterlife”, “Hobgoblins 2”, “Hollywood Sex Wars”, “Jason and The Necronauts” (starring Casper Van Diem) where she plays “Aphrodite”.

Currently in pre-production for the upcoming martial arts horror film “War of the Dragon”, Chanel took time out to talk about the band, the film and her general love of the music.

“It was great to finally work with these guys, with them being urban legends and all. It was great to see they actually existed.”

“Who is not a fan once you hear the music? They could have been huge. They just make some really stupid mistakes along the way.”

“It is amazing to be in a film with the likes of Alice Cooper, Jon Stewart, Hart, John, Todd and the others. I’m excited with what they are doing and hopefully this really takes off and I am already negotiating my role in the European Tour sequel!”

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SKUM Tour Manager Steve Martindale with Jersey Shore’s ‘The Situation’

Long accustomed to using his status with the band as a way to socialize and gain entry into all the hot clubs, Skum’s famed Tour Manager Steve Martindale poses with MTV reality star MikeThe Situation’ Sorrentino at the Burger King Bar on famed South Beach. Steve updated ‘The Situation’ on the band’s reunion and they discussed the music scene on the Shore. 

Sorrentino and Martindale swapped tales about life on the road and even posed together showing off their abs for the throngs of female fans in attendance. 

Martindale invited Sorrentino to the premiere of ‘Skum Rocks!’ and they made plans to meet up later at Club Aerobar. Martindale left with two young co-eds after promising them he would get them an introduction to Kevin Bacon.

Sasha Grey Stars in Skum Rocks!

Sasha Grey to appear in Skum Rocks! The adult film star and PETA pin-up girl of the month will film her cameo next week in Los Angeles. 

Sasha heard about the Skum reunion at a party for Brad Pitt in Hollywood and wanted to be a part of the project.

Sasha Grey joined the adult-film industry shortly after her 18th birthday in 2006. About a year later, she was cast as the lead in “The Girlfriend Experience” and is our pick for crossover actress of the year.