Guys Attend Epic Eddie Money Show in Pompano Beach


Hart Eddie and Tommy joking backstage

Hart, Eddie and Tommy joking together backstage

Tommy Craig, John Eaton and Hart Baur joined the party backstage at the the Eddie Money concert this past Saturday Night in beautiful downtown Pompano Beach, Florida. In what was one of the most important concerts of the young season, Money performed to a sold out, standing-room only crowd that spanned three generation of fans and included opening guest Starship, fronted by Mickey Thomas.

The band is currently in talks for the TV show to follow the release of their documentary ‘Skum Rocks!” and wanted to stop by and talk with Eddie, as well as show their support.

Nigel backstage

Nigel backstage

As far as outdoor rock shows go, this one was one of the all-time greats. International celebrity journalist Nigel Pandemonium was backstage, as was concert icon Bobby Newcastle. “Smashing show!” said Pandemonium, “Eddie was in great form and it was a absolutely splendid performance by Mickey. I spoke with Eddie afterward and he was very happy with the evening. He told me ‘Nigel it was a great crowd and we fed off that.”

Newcastle backstage

Newcastle backstage

Even Bobby Newcastle agreed. “Great show. Yeah Eddie was on. Starship impressed me as well.”

Things got off to a great start when Starship hit the stage at 8pm sharp. Starship front man Mickey Thomas was spot on as they belted out hit after hit sounding as if it were 1987 all over again.

Skum drummer Tommy Craig said “Starship just killed it. Mickey was off the charts vocally and Stephanie blew me away with ‘White Rabbit”. And it was just so awesome to see Eddie again. What a guy. We were talking about the TV show and he was just in a great mood. Then he gets up on stage and just brought the place down. Great show.”

Mickey Thomas added, ” It was great to see the guys out at the show, but I thought Bruke was coming. He texted he was going to make it.”  (Pat Burke was unable to attend the show as he was committed to a charity event in Raleigh the same night.)

Eddie hit all stops during his 75 minute set as the crowd ate up his one liners along with

Hart and Mickey

Hart and Mickey

the hits. “Two Tickets to Paradise”, “I think I’m in Love”, I Wanna Go Back”  kept the crowd on their feet and he raised the roof with his encore ‘Shakin’.

“Eddie Money personifies what this business is all about,” said lead singer Hart Baur. “He is not only one of the classiest guys on tour, but just a total performer. Writes great songs, great hooks, has amazing rapport with the crowd and then just when you think he can’t get better he whips out the sax and blows the place away.”

Hart, Steph and Tommy

Hart, Steph and Tommy

The band discussed the possibility of collaborating on on a remake of Money’s classic 1984 hit “Shakin” in what guitarist John Eaton said would be an “epic collaboration.”

“It was great to see the guys again,” added Eddie. “We hadn’t seen each other since we played on the same bill in 2015 and you know how I feel about them. Love them. Let’s get this done! Song is going to rock.”

SKUM ROCKS! Brevard Live Review


brevard flipbook pic


Brevard Florida LIVE April 2015 issue had a great write up and review of the SKUM ROCKS! Miami Beach premiere.  Check it out below or online at:

brevard flip book pdf


SKUM ROCKS! Miami Premiere



In what is being described as the most over the top film premiere in Miami’s storied history, the long awaited debut of the rock and roll documentary “Skum Rocks!” took place at Miami Beach’s historical Colony Theatre on Lincoln Road March 5th.

The red carpet was filled with stars as Eddie Money, Frankie Banali with Quiet Riot, the Fabulous Miss Wendy, Phoenix Benjamin, Scan Man, and of course, the entire Skum crew arrived on the scene. Lincoln Road became pure rock and roll chaos as the six limousine caravan unloaded an army of celebrities into the star crazed group of fans, erupting into an explosion of flashes, screams, and cell phone selfies as the stars made their way into the crowd. Throngs of people crowded and rushed the celebs as the red carpet turned into an impromptu meet and greet, and Eddie Money was heard to say, “Is this turnout great or what?”

Skum’s lead bassist, Pat Burke, said, “This is exactly what we wanted. The chance to give our hometown Miami fans an inside look at what we’re all about. Eddie, Frankie, all of us in Skum, everyone was having a great time, and I don’t think I ever took more photos with fans—ever. Eddie said he hadn’t seen this much fan excitement in years, and couldn’t wait to see the film.”

The fabled Lincoln Road Colony Theatre, built in the 1930’s, was packed, with the premiere sold out before show time, and a handful of additional tickets left at the box office were gone once the window opened up. Some tickets were sold on Craigslist for twice their face value, and there were reports of ticket scalping on Lincoln Road, though no arrests were made by the Miami Beach Police Department.

“It was the wildest red carpet I’ve ever seen,” said Skum drummer Tommy Craig. “And I was on the red carpet in Hollywood the night Brad Pitt was attacked! But this one blew that one away. This one was sheer madness.”

The Fabulous Miss Wendy, who has a cameo in the film and was to join Skum on stage at the Grand Central after party, said, “I’m from LA where they do premieres, but this was the craziest of any I’ve seen. The crowd was huge, with the stars and fans all mingled together. It was like Lincoln Road became just a huge backstage.”

Rock journalist icon Bobby Newcastle tweeted, “I was backstage having a sit down with Scan Man when everyone arrived, and I heard it was a madhouse out there. Eddie (Money) told me later it was one of the coolest entrances he’d ever been a part of, and that’s saying something.”

“It rocked, bro,’ added Phoenix Benjamin.

The movie house was rocking once the premiere started, as scene after scene delivered true laughs, and the fans were loving every second of it. “This is a great moment for the band in many ways,” said Skum lead singer Hart Baur. “We finally get to tell our story in front of our hometown. There’s been a lot of talk about the film and how this will be our legacy, but I say this is just the beginning of it, and I can’t wait to get on stage later and blow the place away.”

“Skum Rocks!” director Clay Westervelt was blown away, both by the size and enthusiasm of the crowd and by the response. “This is a huge premiere for an independent film—one of the biggest I’ve seen. But the real gauge for me was how the crowd of close to four hundred in the audience reacted. To say it went over well is a vast understatement.”

“Killed it,” said Skum rhythm bassist Todd Middlebrook. “Straight up killed it. Bang on.”

Forget everything you’ve heard about the difficulties filming “SKUM ROCKS!” Forget the troubles they had, including the misbehavior of two of its spotlighted stars. The memorable thing about “Skum Rocks!” is that it’s not only stellar entertainment, it’s one of the most important rock and roll films of our day.

Skum Rocks! Premieres in Hollywood


Check out ALICE COOPER’S PAGE FOR MORE INFO ON THE PREMIERE AT May 30, 2014 @ 2:45pm Mann’s Chinese Theatre @ TCL Chinese 6, 6801 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA.         Hollywood Permiere date Theater Skum ROCKS! had a packed house as it held its Hollywood premiere on May 30, 2014, as part of the prestigious, 17th Annual Dances With Films International Film Festival. Skum ROCKS! is a full-length film narrated by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Alice Cooper, and produced by Imaginaut Entertainment. Directed by Emmy Award winner Clay Westervelt, Skum ROCKS! dances along the edge of one of the most bizarre stories in the history of rock and roll. Fullscreen capture 5312014 90600 PM With over fifty celebrity cameos, including Alice Cooper, Frankie Banali, Jon Stewart, Debbie Gibson, Sasha Grey, Chanel Ryan, Monique Parent, Antonio Ballatore, Traci Lords, Sharon Lawrence, Debbie Gibson, and Tiffany, Skum ROCKS! is jam-packed with so many celebrities, we dare not list them all for fear of creating mass hysteria. ABOUT Skum ROCKS! The film is a sordid tale of a rock band that became bigger than they had a right to be in the late 1980’s, scamming their way into the hearts of thousands of fans, and the wallets of hundreds of investors. Skum was a band that couldn’t be bothered with such mundane aspects of music life such as practicing, or even performing, and yet they managed to make it to the cusp of fame and fortune, only to have it implode. Skum Rocks! takes a hilarious look at everything that can go wrong when a group of guys with no real direction find themselves in a position of power. This rock and roll train derails quickly. Skum founding members Hart Baur, Pat Burke, John Eaton, Tommy Gunn, Todd Mittlebrook, and Tommy Craig, tell their story, an absurd tale of one band’s quest to achieve the American Dream. The filming of Skum Rocks! reunited the band, and in 2013, Skum recorded in Memphis’ fabled Sun Studios, as well as at London’s famed Abbey Road Studios. These tracks will be added to their album, Lost at the Circus, scheduled for release in 2014. While in London, Skum also filmed the pilot for their upcoming TV show. Since 2013, Skum has made multiple public appearances, most notably at the film’s London premiere, in September 2013, at the 21st Annual Raindance International Film Festival. They have been featured on the cover of US Rockstar Magazine, and among other appearances are ‘Good Morning, Phoenix”, “Six in the Mix” (NBC Miami), and the Big 105‘s “The Paul and Young Ron Show”. —————


It was a great night at Baroos Beachside Bar on January 17th!  Great performances by Martika, Frankie Banali, the Scoobee Doos, Pinch, and others – and a really rocking crowd as we wrapped up shooting of the Skum Rocks! movie and raised funds for the Shining Through Shadows Foundation.  Thanks to everyone who participated, making this night such a great success!

Todd, John, Hart & Pat


Hart, Todd & Reporter

Walter Bruning & Reporter

Frank & Friends


Frank Banali




Todd, John and Martika



Katty Pleasant and Brooke Catalon






Tommy, John and Pat


John Pat & Hart



Crowd at Baroos Beachside


Todd with Giggs, Rooney and other friends of Machester United.

Todd (red shirt) is standing between Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney of Manchester United.

Skum’s rhythm bassist Todd Mittlebrook took a break from recording to visit his good friend and long time fan of the band — Ryan Giggs of the Manchester United Football Club.  Giggs invited Mittlebrook to be a part of the team’s weekend game against the EPL (English Premier League) leaders, Arsenal.

“Ryan and I go back a long way,” said Mittlebrook. “It’s safe to say we are big fans of each other’s work. Ryan has a keen ear for music and loves Skum’s new recordings, so when he called and asked if I could take a break and come up to Manchester for the game, how could I say no?”

When asked about the film Skum Rocks! Giggs was ecstatic.  “I couldn’t go to the London screening due to football season, but Todd sent me a screener and I was blown away.  It really is quite good — a very poignant rock and roll story. And the Lost at the Circus album is shaping up to be fantastic.  Todd sends me the rough mixes on mp3’s and I often warm up to ‘Bagman’ and the other tunes on my ipod!  And I can’t believe they actually recorded at Abbey Road.  I really wish I could have made that.”

Todd with Sir Charles Litmore and Dr. Andrew Watson

Todd with Sir Charles Litmore and Dr. Andrew Watson in Old Trafford’s VIP Lounge

At the photo shoot with the team, striker Wayne Rooney leaned in and told Todd “you better put me in the sequel, mate!” The weekend went as planned with United posting an impressive 1-0 win against Arsenal at Old Trafford.  “It was a perfect weekend,” said Mittlebrook.  “With United getting the win, Ryan getting into the game and doing what he does, it was just amazing to see.  Things have been really busy and hectic with Skum, and I needed the break.  But with the weekend over, it’s time to get back to the studio.”

SKUM Rocks the Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival

Friday night the stars were out for the opening of the Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival — and so were the guys from SKUM.   Lea & Hart

Whisked away from the Cinema Paradiso in private shuttles to the festival’s invitation only moonlight gala, SKUM’S Hart Baur, John Eaton and Pat Burke mingled with the film crowd and caught up with old friends Lea Thompson (Back to the Future, Caroline in the City), Stephen Moyer (True Blood, The Starter Wife), as well as legendary drummer Billy Lackey.

The FLIFF is the most popular film festival in South Florida.  “We love the FLIFF,” said John Eaton.  “It’s head over heels better than Miami’s.  They actually pull stars into the event and — do you see the spread they put out here?  Incredible.  Miami’s party had paper cups.”

Hart & Stephen “Now that we are solidly in the film world, it’s great to be out here in support of others,” added SKUM lead bassist Pat Burke.  “We saw what Raindance did for us, and it’s important to be out here supporting our fellow artists.  It’s also great to see Lea Thompson again.  Man, she looks great.”


The pool side jazz band played well into the night as stars and guests alike posed for photos and discussed film and music.

“Lea got the Career Achievement Award which she truly deserves, but she was really stoked about her new film, The Trouble with the Truth,” said lead singer Hart Baur.  “It was great to see her again and laugh about all the craziness back in the 80’s.  I can’t wait to see the film.”

“It’s so wonderful to see everyone here,” said Thompson.  “I’m having a great time.”


True Blood’s and Sound of Music star Stephen Moyer said he was excited about SKUM’S screening at Raindance.  “Raindance is an amazing film festival,” said Moyer.  “Big congrats to the guys for Skum Rocks! being a part of it.”

“I love him on True Blood,” said Eaton.  “What a great party — hanging with Lea and Stephen — and I can’t believe Billy Lackey is here. Can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday night.”

Neither can we.