Guys Attend Epic Eddie Money Show in Pompano Beach


Hart Eddie and Tommy joking backstage

Hart, Eddie and Tommy joking together backstage

Tommy Craig, John Eaton and Hart Baur joined the party backstage at the the Eddie Money concert this past Saturday Night in beautiful downtown Pompano Beach, Florida. In what was one of the most important concerts of the young season, Money performed to a sold out, standing-room only crowd that spanned three generation of fans and included opening guest Starship, fronted by Mickey Thomas.

The band is currently in talks for the TV show to follow the release of their documentary ‘Skum Rocks!” and wanted to stop by and talk with Eddie, as well as show their support.

Nigel backstage

Nigel backstage

As far as outdoor rock shows go, this one was one of the all-time greats. International celebrity journalist Nigel Pandemonium was backstage, as was concert icon Bobby Newcastle. “Smashing show!” said Pandemonium, “Eddie was in great form and it was a absolutely splendid performance by Mickey. I spoke with Eddie afterward and he was very happy with the evening. He told me ‘Nigel it was a great crowd and we fed off that.”

Newcastle backstage

Newcastle backstage

Even Bobby Newcastle agreed. “Great show. Yeah Eddie was on. Starship impressed me as well.”

Things got off to a great start when Starship hit the stage at 8pm sharp. Starship front man Mickey Thomas was spot on as they belted out hit after hit sounding as if it were 1987 all over again.

Skum drummer Tommy Craig said “Starship just killed it. Mickey was off the charts vocally and Stephanie blew me away with ‘White Rabbit”. And it was just so awesome to see Eddie again. What a guy. We were talking about the TV show and he was just in a great mood. Then he gets up on stage and just brought the place down. Great show.”

Mickey Thomas added, ” It was great to see the guys out at the show, but I thought Bruke was coming. He texted he was going to make it.”  (Pat Burke was unable to attend the show as he was committed to a charity event in Raleigh the same night.)

Eddie hit all stops during his 75 minute set as the crowd ate up his one liners along with

Hart and Mickey

Hart and Mickey

the hits. “Two Tickets to Paradise”, “I think I’m in Love”, I Wanna Go Back”  kept the crowd on their feet and he raised the roof with his encore ‘Shakin’.

“Eddie Money personifies what this business is all about,” said lead singer Hart Baur. “He is not only one of the classiest guys on tour, but just a total performer. Writes great songs, great hooks, has amazing rapport with the crowd and then just when you think he can’t get better he whips out the sax and blows the place away.”

Hart, Steph and Tommy

Hart, Steph and Tommy

The band discussed the possibility of collaborating on on a remake of Money’s classic 1984 hit “Shakin” in what guitarist John Eaton said would be an “epic collaboration.”

“It was great to see the guys again,” added Eddie. “We hadn’t seen each other since we played on the same bill in 2015 and you know how I feel about them. Love them. Let’s get this done! Song is going to rock.”

Tiffany Rocks Magic City Casino!

Hart TiffanySaturday night Skum’s lead guitarist John Eaton and lead singer Hart Baur were backstage at the Magic City Casino in Miami, Florida to support a great friend of the band’s, none other that 80’s star Tiffany. Tiffany rocked the sold out crowd with her rock infused set that covered a wide range of material, including a rocking version of GNR‘s “Sweet Child of Mine.”

Tiffany, who also appears in the upcoming film “Skum Rocks!’ was thrilled to see the guys and appreciative of the support. “It was great to see them backstage supporting me and I can’t wait to get on stage with them at the premiere after party,” said Tiffany. “The crowd was great tonight and it felt good to give a good performance. I love playing Miami.”
“We just wanted to get out here and see Tiff do her set. She is an amazing vocalist, and puts on a hell of a show,” said John. ”Sweet Child of Mine’ are you kidding me? You rocked that out of the park.”
“I started doing that song several years ago and it just works. I love doing that song!” said Tiffany.
“It was a great night, Tiffany was fantastic, she sounded better than ever, and just had the crowd in her hands. The people here at Magic City Casino always do such a great job with these events  and we are in talks to maybe play here later in the year,” said Hart. “Tiff did a cameo for us in the film and was hilarious, so we just wanted to show her some love and be here in support. Did you see the crowd? Amazing.”
“I can’t wait to see the film Everyone is talking about it,”said Tiffany.
“You are getting on stage with us for sure at the premier after party,” said John.
“Oh absolutely,” said a smiling Tiffany.

Maria Sharapova Wants Candy

Maria Sharpova and Hart Baur

Maria Sharpova and Hart Baur

Maria Sharapova and John Eaton

Maria Sharapova and John Eaton

Last night at The Shops at Sunset Place Hart Baur and John Eaton joined good friend and tennis superstar Maria Sharapova at the launching of Maria’s new candy line “Sugarpova“. The place was pack with fans as Maria mingled with fans and signed autographs for everyone. “It was great we were able to get out here and support Maria, said lead guitarist John Eaton. “Will be out at the Sony Open cheering her on, but these events are just as important.”

Said Maria, “It was great Hart and John came out to be with me, I can’t wait to see this movie, release it already guys!” 

Maria’s candy line called ‘Sugarpova’ is a stylish, chic candy line that she was personally involved with from the beginning. “It was about 2 years from the meeting to this.” Each candy is designed by Maria herself, with her actually doing the drawings of the designs herself. “Yes, I did the drawings and designs myself, I was very involved and really learned the whole process. I am exited about it.”
The crowd of over 500 hundred were treated to a photo op as well as a chance to taste her new creations.
“I fell in love with gummy candies when I first came to the US when I was a little girl and went to the movies with my grandmother. To do this now is really amazing to me,” she said. 
“This was a great event and was very happy we were able to work this into our schedule to be here to support her,” said lead singer Hart Baur. “She is a great champion and now a great entrepreneur. She deserves all of this.”
“Maria’s awesome,” added John.

Skum Featured in ‘Brevard Live’!

John Eaton, Walter Bruning, Hart Baur, Tommy Craig, Pat Burke, Todd Mittlebrooke

Skum was recently featured in the September edition of Brevard Live, with an in depth article article written by Brevard Live’s Music Editor Heike Clarke. Clarke recently visited with the band while they were in the studio at The Zone Productions in Melbourne, Florida putting the final touches on the long awaited album ‘Lost at the Circus.’

The boys took some time off to sit down with Clarke who was there as a guest of lead bassist Pat Burke. Clarke, who covered Pat, John and Tommy when they played in the Scoobee Doos in the mid 90’s, is a mainstay on the Space Coast music scene.

Clarke listened to the story of the making of the film, and listened to a few tracks and had a great time hanging out with the guys. She asked questions about the past and more importantly the present as the band is in the final stretch with the album.

Producer Mark Brasel was upbeat with the article and visit. “It was great to see Heike, she is such a good friend to the music community here and she learned about what these guys are doing, which is pretty cutting edge if you ask me.”

The Brevard Live article is the first to feature the band in the studio as they are usually very secretive about their recording methods. Explained Burke “we have been friends with Heike for years when she used to cover the Scobbess. She is totally cool and a great writer, so it worked out great.”

Rhythm bassist Todd Mittlebrook added ‘it was great to do a sit down with Heike and we all enjoyed the break. Awesome article, she did a great job with it and I can’t wait to get back to The Zone to finish this up.”

You can check out the article at –

Rhythm Bassist Todd Mittlebrooke Hanging with AC/DC’s Brian Johnson

It was typical night in beautiful New York City as Skum rhythm bassist Todd Mittlebrooke and AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson met up at The Strand bookstore in midtown Manhattan.

It was the first time that the two were together since meeting backstage at Castle Donington in 1989.

“It was great to be here and see Todd again and talk about what they are doing. It’s fantastic!” said Johnson. Then he added with a laugh, “you know I heard those tapes and it ain’t Back in Black!'”

The event which coincided with Johnson’s book signing of his book entitled “Rockers and Rollers” was attended by over 1,000 hard core AC/DC fans who were out in force, with the line wrapped around the city block.

Mittlebrooke and Johnson hung out in the green room away from the crowd as they clowned for the paparazzi and traded stories of life and music.

“To be here in support of Brian is an honor and I am glad I was able to make it out. The guy is a rock legend and his book is hilarious. It is a must read for any fan of the road. How could I not come out tonight?”