Eaton Lunches with Phil Collins

johneatonphilcollinsJohn Eaton took time out of his busy week to have lunch with longtime friend, Genesis drummer and lead vocalist Phil Collins, at the beautiful Fontainebleau Resort in Miami Beach.  The two rockers talked about Phil’s move to Miami, the film “Skum Rocks!”, and a possible future collaboration while dining on fresh Florida Yellowtail with a Creole style rice side and a vinaigrette tossed salad.

“Phil is a rock and roll legend, so it was great he called,” John said.  “I knew he would be in town for Art Basel. but wasn’t sure our schedules would mesh. I’m a huge fan of his work, and he’s a fan of Skum, which is extremely flattering to say the least.”

According to John, Phil mentioned his interest in moving to Miami, and asked for assistance in searching for a suitable home.  “It’s not every day you find a rocker who is also a realtor,” Phil joked.

“It was a great lunch,” said Eaton.  “Very productive.  Phil was thrilled with our success in London and disappointed he was out of town for our Abbey Road session and the Raindance premiere.  Next time we’re recording at Abbey Road he may swing by and sit in.  That would be cool. It’s amazing how popular Phil is, and he’s an amazing guy.  I’m proud to call him a friend.”


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