Gabrielle Anwar at Fountainebleau for Skum Rocks!

Gabrielle Anwar joined Skum’s Hart Baur and John Eaton for a poolside shoot at the world famous Miami Beach Fontainebleau Resort. Gabrielle did her shot for ‘Skum Rocks!’ in Skum’s rented poolside Cabana and spoke of her memories of the band, the guys, the music and especially her heartbreak when learning that original Lead Bassist Herb George had been run out of the band by an overly aggressive Pat Burke. 

“Herb and I had something special and I was really upset when I heard what happened to him,” said Anwar. Reminiscing about the days when Skum ruled the Southeast, she also said “those were some special times back in the day; it was a lot of fun with those guys.” 

Taking a break from her hit show on the USA Netowrk’s ‘Burn Notice’, Anwar is enjoying her life in Miami while waiting for the next season to begin shooting. ‘It’s beautiful here. Life couldn’t be better.” 

Talking about the Skum re-union as well as the upcoming film, she added ‘it is just great to reconnect with Hart and John. It was wild back then. I can’t wait to see the film.’

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