Will Skum Reunite For Their First Show In 23 Years?

By Nigel Pandemonium


My sources tell me that Skum’s first show in more than 23 years may be happening in London.  Skum, “the greatest rock band you never heard of” has announced they are going to London for the world premiere of their film, SkumROCKS! at the 2013 Raindance Film Festival.  Directed by Clay Westervelt of Imaginaut Entertainment, SkumROCKS! follows the strange path the band blazed through the mid-1980’s and beyond.

When I got in touch with lead singer, Hart Baur, he said, “That’s true.  We’re all making the trip to London except, unfortunately, Mike Walker.”  While details are still being ironed out, Hart was clear the band will record at Abbey Road Studios and attend the opening of their film on Thursday, September 26th in Piccadilly Circus.  When I asked Hart what fans could expect, he said, “We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves.  You know us, we’re always colorful.”

The band seems to be breathing a collective sigh of relief as the long and winding road to the completion of SkumROCKS! has taken five years.  So, I was surprised to hear that the story doesn’t end with the film.  John Eaton, lead guitarist of Skum, says the band will keep the cameras rolling in London.  “The movie is finished.  Now we’re filming footage for a pilot series.  Skum is like a moving art project — you have to capture it before it’s gone.”

I asked the director, Clay Westervelt why he chose to have the premiere in a place where the band has never played.  “The more I learned about Skum,” offered Clay, “the more I was sure their story had to be told.  And where better to tell their story than in England, the home of Monty Python, the Rolling Stones, Spinal Tap, and sardonic humor?”

The burning question in the minds of Skum fans remains.  Will the band reunite on stage?  When I asked Hart Baur, he said, “We’re still putting together the schedule, and there’s so much to do between now and then that finding rehearsal time would be difficult.  Then again, not rehearsing has never stopped us before.”

So, Skum fans — will they or won’t they?  We’ll find out in the days to come.



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