Joanna Angel to Star in First Video for ‘Lost at the Circus”

Joanna Angel Models Skum Tank Top on Lincoln Road

Joanna Angel has agreed to star in Skum’s first video for the song “Bad Checks” in what will be the first single off their long awaited album “Lost at the Circus” in what already is raising controversy in music circles.

“I would love to be in the video,” said Angel looking great in a Skum Tank Top while in Miami for Exxxotica 2012. “I hope we are able to workout the schedule when they are ready to shoot it.”

Kym Whitley

Not everyone one is on board. Comedian Kym Whitley when asked if she will also appear in the video was a bit more direct. “Fuck no I’m not going to be in the video! What the fuck is wrong with those guys?” said an exasperated Whitley.

The video, which is in its fourth re-write, has drawn wide criticism from several mental health, family and media based organizations for it’s controversial theme after a copy of the script was leaked though an unnamed LA based website. A MTV executive who asked that his identity not be disclosed, said he read the stolen copy of the script and stated “there is no way MTV will play this as it is written now. This is simply a disturbing take on the modern music industry and frankly I am offended that this has even made it this far.”

Countered rhythm bassist Todd Mittlebrooke “who cares what MTV says. I mean do they even still play videos? I haven’t watched that channel since 1991 when they stared doing those lame skit shows. This is more a VH1 vechile anyway.”

With no shoot scheduled, the video clearly is still in the developmental stage, but that hasn’t stopped the ferocious writing and re-writing that is taking place.

“This is going to be an epic album and we want to launch it with an epic video,” said lead singer Hart Baur. “This isn’t going to be a bunch of guys in Members Only jackets standing behind venetian blinds strumming their instruments. This is going to make people take notice.”

The video, as it is shown in the third re-write is timed at 7:45, of which it can be cut down to 4:15 for TV play.

“The intro lead in is non-negotiable,” said lead guitarist John Eaton.”That stays and we are all 100% on board with that. It is a brilliant lead in, that is all I am allowed to say. This is going to set the bar for modern video making the way Bowie did with “Blue Jean back in 86′. Just a little edgier and the girls will be much better looking.”

“I haven’t seen the fourth draft yet, but I sent in my recommendations,” added lead bassist Pat Burke. “OK, I can see some people getting a bit unnerved with the scene behind the 7-11, but as far as the taxi cab shoot and the rest of it, well it seems pretty straight up rock and roll if you ask me. I really can’t see the issues with some of this. People are going to just have to deal with it.”

“We’re shooting a video? Are you sure? When is this happening?” asked Tommy Gunn. “Nobody told me anything about this. No one ever tells me anything. Does Tommy Craig know about this?”




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