To wrap up the magical mayhem that is “SkumRocks!” the guys decided to invade Memphis. Have you ever taken a ride in a limousine with a tiger, a cheerleader, and a mash of groupies? Been kicked off the stage of a comedy club bucaneer2
for rocking too hard? Booted from a wedding for playing songs about teenage prostitutes? Well, the self-proclaimed Rock Gods of Skum can check all of those atrocities off their bucket list. And Memphis will never be the same.

To finish up the filming of their highly anticipated rockumentary, the gang booked several gigs in the homeland of rock and roll, starting at The Buccaneer Lounge. On an innocent comedy night, with the likes of local legend Jane Haze (comedian/femme fatale) hitting the stage, the band members wreaked havoc.
JaneBut what else would you expect after that many Mojitos and fine ladies? Of course, when the manager agreed to add them to the lineup, there’s a fair chance he wasn’t expecting a dozen roadies to pile in with equipment. “Oh yeah, we’ve got jokes,” assured Hart. “Here’s a really great one. A ONE, TWO, THREE!” I won’t add any spoilers, but I will say this…it wasn’t the kind of routine one hopes to hear at a comedy club. And honestly, that bar was too small for a smoke machine of that caliber.

But in true Skum fashion, the madness didn’t end there. The guys wanted to make the most of Memphis. So, between playing bar mitzvahs and ruining weddings, they found themselves recording in Sun Studio, as well as premiering a sneak peek of their movie at the Memphis International Film & Music Fest.
memphisfilmfestThe red carpet was awash in leather, short skirts, and sunglasses. Memphians attending the festival watched in awe as the band strutted into the theatre. Is that a man in a giant tiger outfit? Should I have worn my furry costume?

Maybe the sweltering Memphis heat is to blame for the outrageous happenings this past April…or maybe these guys really are as crazy as they seem. You’ll have to check the movie out and form your own opinion. As for me, I’ll never drink another Mojito. And Tommy Gunn, you owe me eight bucks.

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