Todd with Giggs, Rooney and other friends of Machester United.

Todd (red shirt) is standing between Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney of Manchester United.

Skum’s rhythm bassist Todd Mittlebrook took a break from recording to visit his good friend and long time fan of the band — Ryan Giggs of the Manchester United Football Club.  Giggs invited Mittlebrook to be a part of the team’s weekend game against the EPL (English Premier League) leaders, Arsenal.

“Ryan and I go back a long way,” said Mittlebrook. “It’s safe to say we are big fans of each other’s work. Ryan has a keen ear for music and loves Skum’s new recordings, so when he called and asked if I could take a break and come up to Manchester for the game, how could I say no?”

When asked about the film Skum Rocks! Giggs was ecstatic.  “I couldn’t go to the London screening due to football season, but Todd sent me a screener and I was blown away.  It really is quite good — a very poignant rock and roll story. And the Lost at the Circus album is shaping up to be fantastic.  Todd sends me the rough mixes on mp3’s and I often warm up to ‘Bagman’ and the other tunes on my ipod!  And I can’t believe they actually recorded at Abbey Road.  I really wish I could have made that.”

Todd with Sir Charles Litmore and Dr. Andrew Watson

Todd with Sir Charles Litmore and Dr. Andrew Watson in Old Trafford’s VIP Lounge

At the photo shoot with the team, striker Wayne Rooney leaned in and told Todd “you better put me in the sequel, mate!” The weekend went as planned with United posting an impressive 1-0 win against Arsenal at Old Trafford.  “It was a perfect weekend,” said Mittlebrook.  “With United getting the win, Ryan getting into the game and doing what he does, it was just amazing to see.  Things have been really busy and hectic with Skum, and I needed the break.  But with the weekend over, it’s time to get back to the studio.”


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