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What would you do if you weren’t afraid to fail & didn’t care what anyone thought of you? Long before the days when the whole world became obsessed with branding, SKUM distilled the essence of Rock & Roll – Freedom, Fun, Youth, Rebellion against Authority (particularly the Police/Cops), Reckless Abandon & Indulgence, and offered its outer form & lived its lifestyle with no or little actual product or musical skill. What’s interesting about this film, narrated by Alice Cooper, is that it shows in a rather scary way just how far this got the Band in its early days, though at a heavy cost (mostly to financial supporters of the Band, not its members). The story comes full circle 20 years later when supposedly stolen tapes of their first album come to light, prompting the Band to reconvene. Will they go back to their immature ‘on the take’ stance or have they matured & if they do mature will they lose the anarchic spark that was their trademark? More to the point will their still-to-be-released album be terrible & if so will anyone care or will this just add to their former Peter Pan reputation of all style and no content. And if the album’s great & propels the band to fame & fortune, will they give the film’s viewers the satisfying experience of seeing them become mature heroes by using their power for good, repaying their original investors & perhaps serving as role models for up and coming bands by getting involved in charitable or mentoring work? An accidental or deliberately deep meditation on the light/ expansive liberation & dark/ egomania inherent in the Music/ Entertainment Industry.

Official Statement – Skum Rocks! Documents a talent-less band earning prestige through raucous parties and ridiculous press, preserving the illusion by inventing ways to get kicked off stage without actually playing.

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