Skum Announces Pre-Screening Party at Walkers Rock & Roll Bar

Skum is having a party!  Skum announced they will host a pre-screening party immediately prior to the global premiere of their film, SkumROCKS!,  at the Raindance Film Festival Piccadilly Vue Cinema on Thursday, September 26th.

The party will be at Walkers of St. James, 32 Duke Street St James, London, between 1800 and 2015 (that’s 6:00 pm until 8:15 pm BST — London local time — for you Yanks).

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Walkers of St. James is a cool, subterranean bar located in the heart of London.  Mat Knox (pictured below), is the owner of Walkers and a huge rock and roll fan.    “Rock and roll has always been a big part of my life and the walls of my bar are filled with music posters.  I am really excited – it’s a thrill to host Skum’s party for the SkumROCKS! premiere.  Spinal Tap is dead and Skum are the new kings!”

Mat Knox

Mat Knox

According to Skum’s rhythm bass player Todd Mittlebrooke, “Walkers is the ideal location for the pre-screening party.  Mat Knox, the owner,  is a huge music fan, so  Mat and Walkers are the perfect hosts for our event – it’s a match made in rock and roll heaven.”

The bar is ideally situated just off the corner of Jermyn Street between Mayfair and Piccadilly, and less than a five minute walk to the Vue Cinema Piccadilly where SkumROCKS! will premiere at 2045 (that’s 8:45 pm London time) the same evening.  This was an important factor for Mittlebrooke. “Walkers is only 150 yards (that’s 137 meters) down Jermyn Street to Regent Street where the cinema is located.  We want to make it easy for our fans.”

Mittlebrooke  says the pre-screening party for SkumROCKS! is more important than pre-screening parties for other films.  “Going to see SkumROCKS! will be like going to a concert.  You know, you want to get together with your friends, hang out, have a few drinks, catch up with each other and get pumped for the show.  Walkers is the place where that’s going to happen.”

The evening promises to be special.  Walkers will be playing never before heard tracks from Skum’s forthcoming album, “Lost at the Circus” to be released later this year.

To make sure you have a ticket to the global premiere of SkumROCKS! following the party at Walkers, visit Vue Cinemas to secure your ticket before the event sells out.



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