SKUM Attends “Ride Along” Screening


Hart Baur & Ice Cube

It was a wild night on South Beach as Skum took a break from rehearsals for their January 17th star studded concert to support the new Ice Cube and Kevin Hart film, “Ride Along.” Representing SKUM at the event was lead singer Hart Baur, lead bassist Pat Burke, and lead guitarist John Eaton.

The cold and rainy Miami night caused delays on the MacArthur Causeway, making Pat and John arrive late. They had to be let in through a side door so as not to disrupt the film. “My flight was delayed due to the weather and then John and I were stuck in traffic for over an hour,” said Pat. “I’m just glad we were able to make it and support these guys who put together a really kickass film.”

Hart Baur & Kevin Hart

Hart Baur & Kevin Hart

 “It’s great these guys came out to support us,” said Kevin Hart. “I’m very proud of this film.”
“It’s important for us to be out here, as Ice Cube and Skum have both crossed over into film,” said Hart Baur. “I think this film will be the next “48 Hours”. Ice and Kevin really knock it out of the park.”
Following the screening, SKUM hit the after-party and were able to discuss music and film with the cast. “I’m a huge Ice Cube fan,” said John. “It was cool to get to toss around some ideas. And who knows?  Maybe we’ll collaborate in the future. I would love that.”
Casey Hawaii & Ice Cube

Casey Hawaii & Ice Cube

At the event, the band introduced their newest hire, Casey Hawaii, the band’s Director of Community Outreach. “SKUM has always been about the community, so it’s great to be on their team and be able reach out on their behalf,” said Casey.

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