Skum backstage with Cinderella!

Tom Keifer and Hart Baur chat backstage

After being kicked of the 1987 Bon Jovi tour after only one show, Skum was replaced on the bill by Cinderella and there have long been rumors of a rift between the two bands. Some even suggesting that Cinderella had something to do with their removal, even though most in Bon Jovi’s inner circle suggest that it was Jon himself who had the band removed.

So it was a surprise to many to see Skum’s Hart Baur and John Eaton hanging with the band backstage at the Cinderella show last Saturday night at Ft. Lauderdale’s Revolution Live .

“We just wanted to come out and show the guys that there are no hard feelings,” said Skum Lead Singer Hart Baur. “That was along time ago, a different era. Who knows what really happened. True they went on to be huge stars and we didn’t, but that is life. It was just great to see Tom and give him a hug and tell him ‘we’re cool.’”

The guys mingled for about an hour as the crew loaded out the stage. John Eaton was seen laughing it up with drummer Fred Coury as the two traded stories.

“Things were blown out of proportion. We never had an issue with Cinderella. If the same thing happened to them, we would have taken their spot. It is business and nothing personal,” said Skum Lead Guitarist John Eaton. “We found the tapes, we have a movie coming out, things are great and we just wanted to show these guys our support when they were playing our town.”

John Eaton and Fred Coury backstage at Revolution Live

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