Skum Band Members Embark for London as SkumROCKS! Global Premiere Nears

Posted by Nigel Pandomonium of Inside Celebrities on September 24th, 2013

by Nigel Pandemonium

big_ben_in_london_postcard-rdf9e89de6ead4ec999491d2e6b47728a_vgbaq_8byvr_512Skum is on the move to London! 

Members of the band embarked from across America yesterday en route to the U.K., as did a team of senior officers from the L.A. based film company, Imaginaut Entertainment — all in support of SkumROCKS!  making its global premiere at the 21st Annual Raindance Film Festival in London on September 26th.

I’ve learned that all the original members of Skum – including drummer Scott Bell and guitarist Jon Tarrant – are making the trip.  Rhythm bass player Todd Mittlebrook said, “We felt strongly about reaching out to Scott and Jon because they’re part of the Skum story.  Attending the premiere of SkumROCKS!  wouldn’t be complete without having them with us, and we’re elated they could make it.”

According to a representative from Vue Cinemas, there are less than twenty tickets still available for the premiere.  Clay Westervelt spoke about the attention the film has received over the past two weeks, saying, “I’m ecstatic to learn the movie will be well attended in London.  The pre-screening for U.S. film distributors in L.A. was at capacity, so I couldn’t be happier.  We have some excellent momentum building for this important film.”

Last minute preparations have been keeping the Skum team busy.  “To get our many supporters in the mood, we held a pre-screening party called, ‘Turn the Volume Up — Get Ready for the Jam,’ said lead singer Hart Baur. “  Going to seeSkumROCKS! is a lot like getting ready for a concert.  We wanted to share that with our friends and get everyone in the mood to rock and roll.”

Skum once believed they were on the verge of creating their generation’s White Album only to lose everything — including the master tapes with all their recorded music on it.  Now, after more than twenty years of silence, the band is about to have their moment in the sun.

I will be in London to cover this evolving rock story for US Rockstar Magazine andInside Celebrities.

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