Skum Celebrates 150 Years of Bacardi!

Hart Baur, Minka Kelly and John Eaton

On a beautiful Saturday night in downtown Miami, under the famed tiled facade of the Baracrdi Building situated off Biscayne Boulevard, Skum’s Hart Baur and John Eaton helped ring in the 150th birthday of one of Miami’s fabled businesses, Bacardi Rum.

Joining fellow celebs Minka Kelly, Emilo and Gloria Estefan, Jimmy Cefalo, Glenn Rice, Alex Rodriquez and Hollywood hearthtrob Ryan Phillippe, the boys kicked back and enjoyed the evening with their friends.

“What Bacarid has done not only as great brand, but what they have done for the city of Miami is immeasuable,” said Lead singer Hart Baur, “It was great to be out honoring them.”

Mingling in the tasting room, where Bacardi opened up a few select casks of aged 18 year old rum, the guys talked with people about the film as well as their album.

“Minka looked great in her red dress,”  said lead guitarist John Eaton. “And it was fun to joke around with her. Hart always wears this red jacket and I was joking that she was trying to copy him.”

After the cocktail reception the crowd ventured over to the large dance floor where a Cuban band belted out Miami favorites to the crowd.

Miami’s own Gloria Estefan pointed out to Hart where the Miami Sound Machine shot their  first video in 1985, right underneath the famed Bacardi Facade. “It was right there,” she said pointing to the spot. “Seems so long ago.”

“This was a great Miami night. Good people and a party thrown by a great company, which happens to make the world’s best rum,” added Eaton. “And Minka looked stunning, maybe we can get her to be in the video for the single.”


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