Skum Featured in ‘Brevard Live’!

John Eaton, Walter Bruning, Hart Baur, Tommy Craig, Pat Burke, Todd Mittlebrooke

Skum was recently featured in the September edition of Brevard Live, with an in depth article article written by Brevard Live’s Music Editor Heike Clarke. Clarke recently visited with the band while they were in the studio at The Zone Productions in Melbourne, Florida putting the final touches on the long awaited album ‘Lost at the Circus.’

The boys took some time off to sit down with Clarke who was there as a guest of lead bassist Pat Burke. Clarke, who covered Pat, John and Tommy when they played in the Scoobee Doos in the mid 90’s, is a mainstay on the Space Coast music scene.

Clarke listened to the story of the making of the film, and listened to a few tracks and had a great time hanging out with the guys. She asked questions about the past and more importantly the present as the band is in the final stretch with the album.

Producer Mark Brasel was upbeat with the article and visit. “It was great to see Heike, she is such a good friend to the music community here and she learned about what these guys are doing, which is pretty cutting edge if you ask me.”

The Brevard Live article is the first to feature the band in the studio as they are usually very secretive about their recording methods. Explained Burke “we have been friends with Heike for years when she used to cover the Scobbess. She is totally cool and a great writer, so it worked out great.”

Rhythm bassist Todd Mittlebrook added ‘it was great to do a sit down with Heike and we all enjoyed the break. Awesome article, she did a great job with it and I can’t wait to get back to The Zone to finish this up.”

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