Skum Rocks Out with Niki Taylor

On Thursday night, Skum member’s John Eaton and Hart Baur met up with, special guest and supermodel, Niki Taylor at the Grand Opening VIP Party for Opustone.  As the national spokeswoman for Opustone for 2011-12, Niki was excited to attend the inauguration of the beautiful new showroom located in Miami’s Design district. An eventful night with guests and celebrities alike, enjoying cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and live music.

“[It was] great to see the guys again. Skum, oh boy, that’s going a long ways back,” laughed Niki as she recalled a memory of herself sitting at home while her friends boasted about seeing a Skum show.

“I wasn’t really allowed to see their shows,” she claimed, her then manager disliked the band’s infamous reputation and feared it could have a negative influence on her modeling career. Still, rock and roll and modeling go hand in hand so it was no surprise that Niki had met John Eaton at a party in the Hamptons in 1993. Eaton, the band’s lead guitarist, remembers “the first time I met Niki I was just out of college. We just played New York. She’s as beautiful as ever!”

Having missed out on an opportunity to see the band in their heyday, Taylor vowed to see their upcoming film, ‘Skum Rocks!’, narrated by Alice Cooper, when it is released sometime in 2012.

The group was just glad they had a chance to reunite and talk about life growing up in South Florida in the 80’s and 90’s.

“To be here supporting Niki with this event is a great chance to reconnect as well as show everyone that South Florida artists stick together. Opustone is fortunate,” said Baur, as the group resumed to mingle amongst other attendees, taking photos with fans and enjoying the opening.

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