Skum Rocks with Blondie


Eaton, Burke, Harry, Stein & Baur

On Saturday, Feb 15, John Eaton and Hart Baur of SKUM joined Deborah Harry, Clem Burke, and Chris Stein of Blondie on the red carpet at Miami Beach’s Fontainebleau Resort. Blondie’s sold-out show was held in the Fontainebleau’s BleauLive, the same grand ballroom where Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and other music legends performed in the resort’s heyday.

Eaton and Baur spoke with Blondie about the band’s impact on rock and roll and pop culture. “It was sort of a natural progression,” said Deborah Harry. “People learn what they hear. We did the same.”

Eaton agreed, commenting, “The difference was that everybody learned your songs. They were the soundtrack to an entire generation.”

“The last time we stayed at the Fontainebleau in the 70’s, I opened a window and the humidity blew out the television,” laughed founding Blondie member and guitarist Chris Stein.

“I told him that was just an excuse,” Baur laughed. “Everybody knows rock and rollers destroy TV’s in hotels. It’s just what we do.”


Blondie was excited to hear about Skum’s collaboration on their classic track “Dreaming” with 80’s superstar Martika at their reunion show in January. “I was telling Clem that Tommy (Craig) killed it on drums that night, and he wants Mark Brasel to send him the track,” said Eaton. “Clem is an amazing drummer himself, and it’s cool to be out here tonight with people who are genuine legends.”

After walking the red carpet, Skum was invited backstage to watch the show. Blondie rocked the room, and the crowd responded with a prolonged standing ovation at the conclusion of the concert. “Blondie always delivers,” said Eaton. “They went out and put some much needed rock and roll back into the Miami Beach scene. No club music tonight, just straight up rock, and the people ate it up.”

“A lot of bands owe their livelihood to these guys,” said Baur. “No one might have ever heard of No Doubt, the Go Go’s, Madonna, or any of them if it weren’t for the Runaways and especially Blondie. They were the first band to mix pop with punk, and they were doing rap in the 70’s. They blazed a trail for everyone else. ”

John Eaton added, “The catalog of songs Blondie’s written is simply amazing, and they gave an amazing performance tonight — a real piece of rock and roll history. It was a privilege to be a part of it.”

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