Skum Shoots Two Spots for White Rock and Hot Mama, Inc.

Anja Michael, Michelle Hernandez, Hart Baur and Christine Curran on the set of "Skum Rocks!"

Some things never get old. Like Skum doing what they do in front of the camera and fans. Last week the the rock band Skum wrapped up filming their long awaited film ‘Skum Rocks!’ at the famed rock club The Stage in Miami. The entire band was there as they shot two commercials for the film as well as knocking out a four song set for the thrilled film crew.

The band shot spots for White White Soda, the oldest soda company in the United States and Hot Mama Inc., a trendy clothing line for hip women based out of Los Angeles. The shot was filmed by famed director Clay Westervelt also out of Los Angeles and stared the band, who were making their first commercials since their break up in 1990.

The shoot was a trendy look at life behind the scenes of a major rock band, and included a cameo by international recording artist Phoenix Benjamin, a close friend of the band’s. “It was cool man,” said Benjamin. “The White Rock ad was a classic and the Hot Mama, Inc. made me want to hire those girls. They were outrageous man!”

Christine Curran

Clay Westervelt said “Working with Skum for the first time was pretty cool. Reading about these guys, then being in a room with them was pretty intense. But the scenes worked and they were total pros. ”

Skum lead guitarist John Eaton, no stranger to the camera said. “The girls were smoking hot and it was a lot of fun. Great to get back to what we do best.”

The White Rock spot was based on typical backstage behavior and showcased the brand’s new line of seltzer. “I grew up drinking White Rock on Long Island,” said Skum rhythm bassist   Todd Middlebrook. “So for me it was a perfect fit.”

The White Rock Girls

When the girls bring in the White Rock Seltzer to a lethargic band, all hell breaks loose backstage. Christine Curran who was one of the backstage girls along with Anja Michael and Michelle Hernandez, said “Working on the set of “Skum Rocks!” was super fun, it was more of a party than a set…the guys were awesome!”

Once the White Rock spot was done, the attention turned to Hot Mama, Inc. and things kicked it up a notch. Hot Mama, Inc which as a specialty line for pregnant women, which made for great comedy, allowed the band to play up on its bad boy rep from back in the day. The girls looked great in the clothes and the set was laughing out loud at the what they shot.

Pat Burke, Anja Michael, Todd Middlebrook and Michelle Hernandez

Pat Burke, lead bassists added “The Hot Mama Inc. commercial was awesome. The girls were great and it all was just like back in the day when we would knock 2 or 3 of these out every week.”

Hart Baur: “The shoot went well. Clay and (cameraman) Erix (Mercedes) were on their game and so were we. It was a win win situation. This band has always been about style and we laid that down when the red light went on. The girls were great. Just a cool and fun shoot.”

Afterward the band played a four song set for the cast and crew that included their hits “Bad Checks,” “John the Bagman,” “It Happened,” and “Hanging Out with Fred.”

Road Crew Chief Percy Munger said “Man, just hearing ‘Fred’ again brought a tear to my eye. Miss those days.”

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