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“SKUM ROCKS!” narrated by Alice Cooper to premiere at Raindance International Film Festival

Date: September 26, 2013

Time: 8:45pm

Location: VUE Apollo Piccadilly Circus, Theater #5, 19 Lower Regent St, London, SW1Y 4LR

SKUM ROCKS! chronicles the unbelievably true story of SKUM, the band who gained substantial popularity on the East Coast of America in the 80’s despite the fact that none of its members knew how to play their instruments. An overwhelming manipulation of the media led to their rapid rise in popularity, such that their main objective became inventing new and creative ways to get kicked off stage without actually playing.

 Alice Cooper with Skum

SKUM treated their shows like parties, booking venues in residential neighborhoods or near hospitals and libraries – where they’d expect to get shut down for noise ordinances. If that didn’t work, they’d throw out free beer to the college crowd while calling the cops to report underage drinking. Either way, they timed their stage appearance moments before the sirens and flashing lights arrived, guaranteeing a “good show” for their fans.

SKUM founding band mates Hart Baur, Pat Burke, John Eaton, Tommy Gunn and Todd Mittlebrooke all tell their side of the story, an absurd tale of the quest for the American Dream – fame without talent, effort, or ability.


Directed by Clay Westervelt (producer of Popatopolis, HBO’s Miss You Can Do It, and other documentaries), SKUM ROCKS! attempts to sift truth from twenty-years of urban legend surrounding SKUM. A veritable Who’s Who of Hollywood and Rock royalty weigh in on the legend of SKUM, including Rock-and-Roll Hall of Famer Alice Cooper who appropriately narrates this bizarre story of fame before feat. Cooper’s narration in the film claims, “These guys may have been naïve, they may have flat-out sucked; but nobody can say they didn’t ‘go for it’.”

SKUM ROCKS! takes a hilarious look at everything that can go wrong when a group of guys with no real direction gets into a position of power. With an amazing ability to garner investors, combined with no ability to deliver on empty promises, their rock and roll train derails quickly.

This film is a sordid tale of a rock band growing bigger than it should have, scamming their way into the hearts and wallets of hundreds of investors. SKUM was a band that couldn’t be bothered with such musical banalities as “practice” and “learning chords”, yet they managed to make it to the cusp of fame and fortune… only to watch it implode.


The filming of SKUM ROCKS! led to the band reuniting more than twenty years after they disbanded. They have recently appeared on the cover of US Rockstar Magazine (March edition), “Good Morning Phoenix”, “Big 105.9 FM Miami’s Paul and Young Ron Show” as well as others. They plan to finally release previously unheard tracks on a new album, along with brand new “comeback” tracks recorded at fabled Sun Studios.


All territories worldwide are available for this film.


The band will be recording a bonus track for their upcoming album “Lost at the Circus” at London’s Abbey Road Studios on September 25th. They will also be filming the pilot for their upcoming TV Show during their week in London. The band will be available for interviews in the studio during their recording session. Later that night they will walk the Red Carpet in support of Raindance International Film Festival at VUE Cinemas Leicester Square, London.

Pre-screening interviews can be arranged at either location or by phone with any member of the band and the director, L.A.’s Clay Westervelt.

Please make early interview requests for Abbey Road as these slots will fill up quickly.


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