As on Inside Celebrities September 26, 2013

SkumROCKS! will premiere tonight to a sold out house at the 21st Annual Raindance Film Festival in London.

The film is already heralded by some critics as among the top three at this year’s festival.  It chronicles the rise and fall of the rock band Skum, who gained widespread popularity in the 1980’s along the East Coast of the United States only to lose everything following the loss of the master tapes containing all their recorded music.

The band, now reunited after two decades of silence, is in London for the premiere of SkumROCKS!, a rockumentary by award winning director Clay Westervelt of Imaginaut Entertainment.  “The film is being well received,” Westervelt said.  “The house is sold out, and that speaks for itself.”

Todd Mittlebrook, rhythm bass player for Skum, added,  “It’s incredible to be here and to see how excited people are about the film.  Me and the rest of the band couldn’t be happier.”

The premiere of SkumROCKS! will be held at the Piccadilly Vue Cinema in London at 8:45 BST tonight.

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