Skum’s Tommy Craig and Tommy Gunn Backstage with the Fixx

Skum’s Tommy Craig and Tommy Gunn went backstage with the Fixx after a sold out show at Captain Hirams in Sebastion, Florida last Saturday night. The guys enjoyed VIP access and enjoyed the show from the side stage as the Fixx went through their string of hits to the packed house.

After the show the band invited the guys to party backstage and to talk about the old days.

“The Fixx sounded great,” said Tommy Craig .”It was amazing to see how many great songs they had. Saved by Zero stole the night for sure.”

A minor situation erupted when Tommy Gunn was forcibly removed from the backstage area where he failed to show proper credentials when approached by venue security.

According to Steve Vasher head of security of the Captain Hirams “I saw this guy who looked out of place and asked for some credentials. He started giving me some sap story about he played drums for some band. I told him ‘look dude, you have the backstage pass or not?’ and he didn’t have squat so I chucked him out.”

It was great to see Cy again, ” said Gunn, “but I don’t know what happened. I hanging there with Cy just talking about our days in New York and the next thing I know I’m being pushed out into the street. Some confusion with the laminates, this stuff happens in rock and roll from time to time. It’s no big deal.”

The Fixx’s lead singer Cy Curnin, a big fan of Skum’s from the late 80’s said “Glad the guys came out to the show. Wasn’t really sure who was who, as those guys changed drummers every week it seemed, but can’t wait for this film to come out!”

It took Craig about an hour to realize that Gunn wasn’t there anymore and figured he had picked someone up. “I drove, so I just assumed Tommy was hitting on someone. Felt bad when I saw him sitting on the car about three hours later.”

Both Tommy Gunn and Tommy Craig will be at signing autographs and posing for photos this Tuesday Night at the Baja Cafe in Boca Raton.


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