Skum’s Tommy Craig Shoots Commercial at Zone Productions

Brooke Covington, Katty Pleasant and Tommy Craig on the set at Zone Productions

Skum’s Tommy Craig was back in the studio over the weekend hard at work as he shot a commercial for  Zone Productions, the premiere recording studio in Central Florida. Located in beautiful Melbourne, Zone Productions is where most of the band has been busy recording their long awaited album “Lost at the Circus.”

“I like what we are doing at Zone Productions,” said drummer Tommy Craig. “Mark Brasel is as innovative as they come and as a band these guys have always thought outside the box. They have never towed the line. It’s the band’s style. Just yesterday I spent half the afternoon working with a Marshall stack amp. You just don’t see this kind of stuff anywhere else.”

Covinhgton, Craig and Pleasant on the set

The commercial was shot with local singer Katty Pleasant and model Brooke Covington over several hours of arduous work. Assisted by lead bassist Pat Burke and lead singer Hart Baur, Craig knocked down his lines with ease and the shoot, highlighting the innovative approach of Brasel was a success.

“Here at the Zone we like to look at the big picture,” said Brasel. “Too many studios focus on one or two items, here at  Zone Productions we want it to be the whole package. A total rock star experience, and these guys personify that attitude. It was a great shoot and I can’t wait to see the spot.”

Pat Burke added “this is what this band is about and it was great to see Tommy just nail this the way he did.”

“It was a relaxed set, the girls were great and I am just glad were able to get the feel we were looking for,” said Craig. “Just being a part of this is awesome and I can’t wait to hear this album. The fans are going to be blown away.”

“It was a lot of fun shooting this and also interesting seeing inside this band’s mindset and how they approach their studio work,” said Katty Pleasant lead singer of the band Katty Shack. “It was refreshing to see.”

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