When you think of Memphis, the same bubbles of information probably surface in your mind.  Elvis, Graceland, Beale Street, barbeque, the mighty Mississippi, and of course, the Sun Studio.


Well here’s something new to add to your cerebral repertoire.  Skum has now included themselves to the list of musicians to grace the ultimate temple of rock and roll.  In April, the famed fellows of Skum took the studio by storm, bringing with them a posse of inconceivable brilliance.  What could possibly be cooler than recording in the same studio as Elvis, Johnny Cash and (gasp) U2?  Try being the first band in rock and roll history to perform there in front of a live audience.

During a cover of “Angel of Harlem” that can only be described as epic, an uncontainable group of die-hard fans watched in awe, danced as only groupies in five inch heels highheels
can dance, and I’m pretty sure that one girl fainted.  If that wasn’t enough of an ego boost, the band even had their own cheerleaders — decked out with pom-poms and a tiger.  Authentic jungle cat or University of Memphis mascot?  Does it even matter? There was a tiger in Sun Studio, and it was partying hard!
And in case you’re hard to impress, the story only gets better.  Skum needed some brass in the song, so they commandeered the Bluff City Hornets, who arrived early; trumpet cases in hand and adorable plumes atop their heads ready to practice with Skum before the recording session.  Needless to say, their request was met with a mighty scoff.  Practice first?  Skum?  Without a single rehearsal with the Hornets (or with one another), Skum picked up their instruments, hit the record button, and proceeded to rock.  In a single take, the band created musical magnificence.

bluff city hornets

That’s probably why that one girl fainted.

Or it might’ve been the drink John Eaton gave her.

Either way, it was a night of legend.  And unlike many legendary nights, this one was captured on video.  That means when SkumRocks! is released, we can all feel like we’re part of rock and roll history.

I’ll be watching to witness some of the best musicians of our time in dazzling action…

Okay, you caught me.  I’m also watching to see that dancing tiger.


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