Todd Surprises Mega-Fan David Villa at Practice!

Todd & David in Manchester

Todd & David in Manchester

Taking a day out of his busy schedule in London in preparation for the March 5th “Skum Rocks!” Miami Premiere, rhythm bassist and football fan Todd Middlebrook took the train up to Manchester to meet with the band’s mega-fan and Spanish International David Villa. Villa was in Manchester for a week of training with his new club New York City.

“I heard David was into the  band through Fernando (Torres) and our people were able to work out a time for me to get up there and surprise him with Skum some T-shirts, a jacket and an advance copy of the CD even though we are missing 5 solos,” said Todd. “He was really surprised and excited to get the shirts. I am glad New York City helped set this up as New York City is going to be my team this year when I move back.”

“I was very surprised,” said Villa through an interpreter.  “I bought it was Todd on the sidelines, but we were in the middle of a six on six. Then they called me over and I saw the bag of shirts.”

New York City is starting league play this spring and the signing of the Spanish superstar was seen as a huge coup in Europe.  Many experts have gone on the record as saying that Villa gives NYC an instant chance to be competitive.

Will he make the Miami premiere?

“I hope he can make it, but the season is right around the corner,” said Todd. “It was a great day up here and I can’t wait to see David playing in my hometown.”

“We will see, it really comes down to the training schedule. If I can get away from the night I would love to come down,” said a laughing Villa. “Miami are you kidding me? I speak Spanish!”