Skum Invades Blaze Radio’s ‘The Age of Metal’

On Tuesday April 5th, the members Skum along with good friend Phoenix Benjamin hit the airwaves on Phoenix’s hottest metal show, ‘The Age of Metal’ on ASU’s The Blaze 1330 AM. DJ and show creator Miguel Rozo was on hand to conduct a firece, no holds barred interview with the band, detailing their early years as well as the band’s collapse in 1991. “It was great to see Miguel and get on ‘The Age of Metal’, said lead bassist Pat Burke. “Baur turned me onto to the show a few weeks back and I streamline that bitch every Tuesday night.”

Skum Lead Guitarist John Eaton went even further stating ‘Miguel runs a tight show and it is a must for any lover of hard edged metal. You can streamline it and listen anywhere in the world.”  Rozo added ‘it was great to have the guys in here. Riveting to hear first hand what happened back in the day with the lost tapes and the upcoming film.’

Things got heated when an ex-girlfriend of Burke called in and launched into a tirade of her apparent treatment when they were dating. Rozo quickly jumped into action and cut the call short, citing FCC regulations.

“I like the format of ‘The Age of Metal,’ rhythm bassist Todd Mittlebrook added. “Miguel doesn’t mess around, he plays what metal fans want to hear, straight up bone crunching metal. He loves what he does and that passion shows.”

Lead singer Hart Baur added ‘it was an honor being on Miguel’s show. The Blaze has a diamond there. I am and will be a huge fan of ‘The Age of Metal’. Was a brilliant interview, he did his homework. We took some serious calls and all in all who could ask for more?’

Rozo added “it was great to have the Skum in the studio along with Phoenix Benjamin.  The Age of Metal loves to have bands in here and to play hard nosed metal. That’s what do here.”

Rozo also debuted Benjamin’s new single ‘Country Girl’, commented Benjamin in Blaze’s parking lot, ‘Miguel was cool man, he’s got it going in the right direction for sure. Loved the show, was simply outstanding bro.”

‘The Age of Metal’ airs weekly every Tuesday night from 8-10PM PST and can be heard live streamling on

Call Miguel on the studio request line at 480-956-1260.