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Brevard Florida LIVE April 2015 issue had a great write up and review of the SKUM ROCKS! Miami Beach premiere.  Check it out below or online at:

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SKUM ROCKS! Miami Premiere



In what is being described as the most over the top film premiere in Miami’s storied history, the long awaited debut of the rock and roll documentary “Skum Rocks!” took place at Miami Beach’s historical Colony Theatre on Lincoln Road March 5th.

The red carpet was filled with stars as Eddie Money, Frankie Banali with Quiet Riot, the Fabulous Miss Wendy, Phoenix Benjamin, Scan Man, and of course, the entire Skum crew arrived on the scene. Lincoln Road became pure rock and roll chaos as the six limousine caravan unloaded an army of celebrities into the star crazed group of fans, erupting into an explosion of flashes, screams, and cell phone selfies as the stars made their way into the crowd. Throngs of people crowded and rushed the celebs as the red carpet turned into an impromptu meet and greet, and Eddie Money was heard to say, “Is this turnout great or what?”

Skum’s lead bassist, Pat Burke, said, “This is exactly what we wanted. The chance to give our hometown Miami fans an inside look at what we’re all about. Eddie, Frankie, all of us in Skum, everyone was having a great time, and I don’t think I ever took more photos with fans—ever. Eddie said he hadn’t seen this much fan excitement in years, and couldn’t wait to see the film.”

The fabled Lincoln Road Colony Theatre, built in the 1930’s, was packed, with the premiere sold out before show time, and a handful of additional tickets left at the box office were gone once the window opened up. Some tickets were sold on Craigslist for twice their face value, and there were reports of ticket scalping on Lincoln Road, though no arrests were made by the Miami Beach Police Department.

“It was the wildest red carpet I’ve ever seen,” said Skum drummer Tommy Craig. “And I was on the red carpet in Hollywood the night Brad Pitt was attacked! But this one blew that one away. This one was sheer madness.”

The Fabulous Miss Wendy, who has a cameo in the film and was to join Skum on stage at the Grand Central after party, said, “I’m from LA where they do premieres, but this was the craziest of any I’ve seen. The crowd was huge, with the stars and fans all mingled together. It was like Lincoln Road became just a huge backstage.”

Rock journalist icon Bobby Newcastle tweeted, “I was backstage having a sit down with Scan Man when everyone arrived, and I heard it was a madhouse out there. Eddie (Money) told me later it was one of the coolest entrances he’d ever been a part of, and that’s saying something.”

“It rocked, bro,’ added Phoenix Benjamin.

The movie house was rocking once the premiere started, as scene after scene delivered true laughs, and the fans were loving every second of it. “This is a great moment for the band in many ways,” said Skum lead singer Hart Baur. “We finally get to tell our story in front of our hometown. There’s been a lot of talk about the film and how this will be our legacy, but I say this is just the beginning of it, and I can’t wait to get on stage later and blow the place away.”

“Skum Rocks!” director Clay Westervelt was blown away, both by the size and enthusiasm of the crowd and by the response. “This is a huge premiere for an independent film—one of the biggest I’ve seen. But the real gauge for me was how the crowd of close to four hundred in the audience reacted. To say it went over well is a vast understatement.”

“Killed it,” said Skum rhythm bassist Todd Middlebrook. “Straight up killed it. Bang on.”

Forget everything you’ve heard about the difficulties filming “SKUM ROCKS!” Forget the troubles they had, including the misbehavior of two of its spotlighted stars. The memorable thing about “Skum Rocks!” is that it’s not only stellar entertainment, it’s one of the most important rock and roll films of our day.

Todd Surprises Mega-Fan David Villa at Practice!

Todd & David in Manchester

Todd & David in Manchester

Taking a day out of his busy schedule in London in preparation for the March 5th “Skum Rocks!” Miami Premiere, rhythm bassist and football fan Todd Middlebrook took the train up to Manchester to meet with the band’s mega-fan and Spanish International David Villa. Villa was in Manchester for a week of training with his new club New York City.

“I heard David was into the  band through Fernando (Torres) and our people were able to work out a time for me to get up there and surprise him with Skum some T-shirts, a jacket and an advance copy of the CD even though we are missing 5 solos,” said Todd. “He was really surprised and excited to get the shirts. I am glad New York City helped set this up as New York City is going to be my team this year when I move back.”

“I was very surprised,” said Villa through an interpreter.  “I bought it was Todd on the sidelines, but we were in the middle of a six on six. Then they called me over and I saw the bag of shirts.”

New York City is starting league play this spring and the signing of the Spanish superstar was seen as a huge coup in Europe.  Many experts have gone on the record as saying that Villa gives NYC an instant chance to be competitive.

Will he make the Miami premiere?

“I hope he can make it, but the season is right around the corner,” said Todd. “It was a great day up here and I can’t wait to see David playing in my hometown.”

“We will see, it really comes down to the training schedule. If I can get away from the night I would love to come down,” said a laughing Villa. “Miami are you kidding me? I speak Spanish!”


Eddie Money & QUIET RIOT to Play ‘Skum Rocks!’ After Party in Miami – March 5th!


Eddie Money

Eddie Money



It has been announced that the “Skum Rocks!” movie premier after party to benefit Charlee of Dade County has signed two major acts to perform on stage. Eddie Money and the legendary QUIET RIOT will join Skum in Miami on March 5th for what will be a blowout concert spectacle.

Following the World Premiere of ‘Skum Rocks!” at the iconic Colony Theatre on Lincoln Road, the three bands, with special guests The Urge, will rock club Grand Central in Downtown Miami for what will be one of the most memorable rock shows Miami has ever seen.

Eddie Money and Hart Baur

Eddie & Hart

QUIET RIOT is on a resurgence never seen before in the rock world and Eddie Money, with his immense catalog of hits (“Two Tickets to Paradise”, “I Think I’m in Love” “Baby Hold On”) will bring it all to the Grand Central stage. The fans are going to get a show of a lifetime.

“It is an honor to share the stage with such great names,” said Skum drummer Tommy Craig. “Excited to see Eddie again and everyone knows my love of Frankie as a drummer and a friend. He is a true legend.”

With all proceeds benefitting CHARLEE of Dade County the evening is one that hits close to the band’s foundations. “We always did charity events back in the 80’s,” said Skum lead singer Hart Baur. “We felt that with this platform of the World Premiere, we could do something really good for our city. And with Eddie And QUIET RIOT, well its going to be epic!”

Hart Frankie John

Hart, Frankie & John Backstage

“I am so excited to play this show in Miami,” said Frankie Banali.  “QUIET RIOT has a long history playing in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. This particular show will be great because we are all friends with Eddie Money and I’m personal friends with all the guys in Skum which makes for a great evening of fun and rock and roll!”


It has been over twenty five years since Skum has played live in Miami and this grand homecoming has the trapping of one of those shows people talk about for years.

Eddie Money and John

Eddie & John


The film is finally there, and we get to play onstage with some of our idols,” said Skum Guitarist John Eaton. “This is truly a great moment for all of us, and especially CHARLEE. I learned how to play guitar to Metal Health, doesn’t get much better than this.”

Go to & for ticket information.

“This is what we do,” said lead bassist Pat Burke, “We are going out there to lay it down. Twenty five years in the making.”

Todd Middlebrook added “This is long overdue. This is really a dream bill for us. These guys (QUIET RIOT) are who put hard rock on the map back in 80’s and Eddie just did it his way. The American Dream my friends, the American Dream.”

Skum gets Sexy, Dirty, Funny with Jenny McCarthy in Miami


Tommy Craig backstage with Jenny McCarthy

Tommy Craig backstage with Jenny McCarthy

Saturday night the guys were out in support of their good friend Jenny McCarthy as she brought her comedy ensemble show “Dirty, Sexy, Funny” to the Magic City Casino in Miami. Jenny didn’t disappoint the sold out crowd with her edgy brand of comedy and video vignettes, and her troupe of female comics brought the house down.

But not before the band hung out backstage with Jenny where they talked and joked about old times.

“I first met Jenny at the Playboy Mansion back in 93′ or 94′,” said drummer Tommy Craig. “The metal scene was ending out there, it was right after the GNR situation, so was kind of a weird time for me. But Jenny was just a great girl. Great times.”

“I am glad they all were out,” said Jenny. “Last time was when I was in town for my book tour I think.”

John & Jenny

John & Jenny

“Yeah, we last hung out when she was here with her book,” said lead guitarist John Eaton.  “It is great to be out here supporting her with this show and the show rocks it. Really funny. And Jenny looked amazing as always.”

After her departure form The View and with her upcoming marriage to former teen idol Donnie Wahlberg, Jenny is just moving full speed ahead.

“This show is getting picked up by SiriusXM so, shhh!” she said laughing. “Don’t tell anyone!”

“How can you not love Jenny,” said lead singer Hart Baur. “Beauty, brains and a great

Hart & Jenny Hanging  Backstage

Hart & Jenny

sense of humor. Of course we are going to come out to say ‘hello’ when she is here in town.”

Jenny had the audience in her hands from the start and was great on stage in front of a live audience. The sold out crowd loved it and from the looks of it she has found a new venue for her many talents. She is a natural for stand up comedy.

“It was great to see Jenny again and wish her well with her marriage to Donnie. She deserves it all,” added Tommy. “Always was a big fan of NSYNC.”

“Would be great to have her on the TV show as a special guest. She would just nail it for sure.”  said John. “Would be just magical.”





Skum’s Miami Night With Wilmer Valderrama



Hart Baur and Wilmer Valderrama on the Red Carpet at Voto Latino Dinner

It was a great night in downtown Miami Saturday as the band welcomed Wilmer Valderrama to their beautiful city. At an event held at the world famous Miami Freedom Tower, Hart Baur, John Eaton, and Tommy Craig were out in support of their longtime friend and fan, and “That 70’s Show” star Valderrama, as he hosted an event for Voto Latino. Valderrama is co-chair of the Voto Latino Artist Coalition, an organization that works to inspire young Latinos to exercise their right to vote.

John and Tommy arrived late for the red carpet festivities, and band members Pat Burke and Todd Middlebrook weren’t there at all prompting Valderama to ask “where’s Burke?” (Pat was attending his son’s high school graduation, and Todd was at a private London screening of the World Cup).

“Bummed we missed the red carpet,” said drummer Tommy Craig. “But at least we had a chance to say hello to Wilmer and support him with this event.”

“I was joking with Wilmer that when we get our TV show signed, he should call Ashton and Mila, and join us for an episode,” said John. “He laughed and said he would love that.”

“Wilmer was unable to attend the Hollywood screening of Skum Rocks! last month, but he sent his best wishes. So when he learned he was coming to Miami, we had to get out to see him,” added Hart. “He’s a great role model for the Latin community, and just a great guy all around. We’ve discussed doing some future projects, and hopefully we can get him on the TV show with us.”

“It was great to have these guys come out. Their support means a lot,” said Valderrama.
“It’s amazing what these Skum guys have accomplished.”

The invitation-only crowd dined on jumbo shrimp cocktail with a mango-lime cocktail sauce, Caribbean chicken topped with a pineapple glaze and finger beef and cheese enchiladas with a side of spicy guacamole.

“The spicy guacamole was simply outstanding,” said Tommy Craig.


John Eaton and Hart Baur will be on NBC’s 6 in the Mix on Friday, September 20, at 11am EST. Fans can watch by clicking on this link: or tuning into NBC 6 in Miami.  The guys will be discussing their film, SkumROCKS! and its upcoming world premiere at the Raindance Film Festival in London.6inthemix

“We are big fans of Roxanne Vargas and her show 6 in the Mix,” John Eaton said when we spoke to him.  “This is the highest rated live news program in South Florida and we’re excited about being on it.  Live TV is always cool.”


Roxanne Vargas

“We’ve often joked with Roxanne that when we go on her show she’ll get ratings through the roof,” added Hart Baur.  “And now we’re going on, and she just had a new baby and  won’t be there!  Congrats to her and her husband at this special time — and we will hope she will be watching and laughing from home.”

“Wait, what?  When is this?” fellow Skum member Tommy Gunn said when reached for comment,  “No one told me.”

“SkumROCKS!”  will premiere on September 26th at the 21st Annual Raindance Film Festival in London.  For more information or to purchase tickets, go to this link

Tiffany Rocks Magic City Casino!

Hart TiffanySaturday night Skum’s lead guitarist John Eaton and lead singer Hart Baur were backstage at the Magic City Casino in Miami, Florida to support a great friend of the band’s, none other that 80’s star Tiffany. Tiffany rocked the sold out crowd with her rock infused set that covered a wide range of material, including a rocking version of GNR‘s “Sweet Child of Mine.”

Tiffany, who also appears in the upcoming film “Skum Rocks!’ was thrilled to see the guys and appreciative of the support. “It was great to see them backstage supporting me and I can’t wait to get on stage with them at the premiere after party,” said Tiffany. “The crowd was great tonight and it felt good to give a good performance. I love playing Miami.”
“We just wanted to get out here and see Tiff do her set. She is an amazing vocalist, and puts on a hell of a show,” said John. ”Sweet Child of Mine’ are you kidding me? You rocked that out of the park.”
“I started doing that song several years ago and it just works. I love doing that song!” said Tiffany.
“It was a great night, Tiffany was fantastic, she sounded better than ever, and just had the crowd in her hands. The people here at Magic City Casino always do such a great job with these events  and we are in talks to maybe play here later in the year,” said Hart. “Tiff did a cameo for us in the film and was hilarious, so we just wanted to show her some love and be here in support. Did you see the crowd? Amazing.”
“I can’t wait to see the film Everyone is talking about it,”said Tiffany.
“You are getting on stage with us for sure at the premier after party,” said John.
“Oh absolutely,” said a smiling Tiffany.

Maria Sharapova Wants Candy

Maria Sharpova and Hart Baur

Maria Sharpova and Hart Baur

Maria Sharapova and John Eaton

Maria Sharapova and John Eaton

Last night at The Shops at Sunset Place Hart Baur and John Eaton joined good friend and tennis superstar Maria Sharapova at the launching of Maria’s new candy line “Sugarpova“. The place was pack with fans as Maria mingled with fans and signed autographs for everyone. “It was great we were able to get out here and support Maria, said lead guitarist John Eaton. “Will be out at the Sony Open cheering her on, but these events are just as important.”

Said Maria, “It was great Hart and John came out to be with me, I can’t wait to see this movie, release it already guys!” 

Maria’s candy line called ‘Sugarpova’ is a stylish, chic candy line that she was personally involved with from the beginning. “It was about 2 years from the meeting to this.” Each candy is designed by Maria herself, with her actually doing the drawings of the designs herself. “Yes, I did the drawings and designs myself, I was very involved and really learned the whole process. I am exited about it.”
The crowd of over 500 hundred were treated to a photo op as well as a chance to taste her new creations.
“I fell in love with gummy candies when I first came to the US when I was a little girl and went to the movies with my grandmother. To do this now is really amazing to me,” she said. 
“This was a great event and was very happy we were able to work this into our schedule to be here to support her,” said lead singer Hart Baur. “She is a great champion and now a great entrepreneur. She deserves all of this.”
“Maria’s awesome,” added John.

Scoring with Sasha Gradiva

John Eaton, Sasha Gradiva and Hart Hart Baur

Fresh off her red carpet bonanza at the Grammy Awards, where she was removed because of having guns sewn onto her dress, Russian born Sasha Gradiva was back on the road promoting her new single ‘Wanted’ and was in Miami for a St. Patrick’s Day show at club Score. She invited the guys over to hang with her at her sound check, and what better way to start an afternoon of recording then hanging backstage with Sasha?

Skum lead guitarist John Eaton was impressed with Sasha’s commitment to not lip sync and sing live. “Sasha doesn’t go that route and makes it live, the way it should be,” said Eaton. “I like her style and she is going to be a huge star.”

“Great that they came out to see the sound check,” said Gradiva. “I wanted them to hear the new single ‘I’m on Fire’ on the big speakers.”

“Song was great,” said lead singer Hart Baur. “Not so much into club music, but these songs have a lot of soul to them and sound great live. Sasha puts a lot of thought into crafting them and it really comes across. She is going to rock this place tonight for sure.”

Gradiva is on her way to becoming a super star in this industry as she did in her native Russia, but now is bent on conquering America.

“It is hard not to be a fan,” said rhythm bassist Todd Mittlebrook. “What she did in Europe, the scope of her work, the magazine covers and now the Grammy thing was just brilliant. Love her music.”

Look for the new single ‘I’m on Fire’ now on I Tunes as well as her new video which can be seen everywhere.