Skum ‘Gets Hot’ at Book Signing with Kelly Bensimon!

The glam was out in force as New York Housewife Kelly Bensimon launched her US book tour for her new book “I Can Make you Hot” at Baoli in Miami Beach. The spectacular event was sponsored by the liquor “Hypntque” and included a ravishing desert buffet of all blue.

The guys from the band took some time out from the studio where they are in the final stages of  recording their long awaited album “Lost at the Circus” to party in support of Bensimon.

“I love her on her show and the book, well that just fits what she is, hot!” said lead guitarist John Eaton. “It was great to see Kelly again and support her in our hometown.”

The crowd mingled as Bensimon made the rounds and signed books and took photos with her fans.

“Anytime anyone takes the time to write a book it is an accomplishment that needs to be celebrated,” said lead singer Hart Baur. “Kell is a doll and a great friend of the band. It was a must to be here.”

“I am thrilled the guys were here,” said Bensimon.  “I hung out with John at an event at the Hard Rock last year and it was great seeing him again. Tonight is a great night.”


Scoring with Sasha Gradiva

John Eaton, Sasha Gradiva and Hart Hart Baur

Fresh off her red carpet bonanza at the Grammy Awards, where she was removed because of having guns sewn onto her dress, Russian born Sasha Gradiva was back on the road promoting her new single ‘Wanted’ and was in Miami for a St. Patrick’s Day show at club Score. She invited the guys over to hang with her at her sound check, and what better way to start an afternoon of recording then hanging backstage with Sasha?

Skum lead guitarist John Eaton was impressed with Sasha’s commitment to not lip sync and sing live. “Sasha doesn’t go that route and makes it live, the way it should be,” said Eaton. “I like her style and she is going to be a huge star.”

“Great that they came out to see the sound check,” said Gradiva. “I wanted them to hear the new single ‘I’m on Fire’ on the big speakers.”

“Song was great,” said lead singer Hart Baur. “Not so much into club music, but these songs have a lot of soul to them and sound great live. Sasha puts a lot of thought into crafting them and it really comes across. She is going to rock this place tonight for sure.”

Gradiva is on her way to becoming a super star in this industry as she did in her native Russia, but now is bent on conquering America.

“It is hard not to be a fan,” said rhythm bassist Todd Mittlebrook. “What she did in Europe, the scope of her work, the magazine covers and now the Grammy thing was just brilliant. Love her music.”

Look for the new single ‘I’m on Fire’ now on I Tunes as well as her new video which can be seen everywhere.

Backstage with Bret Michaels!

Bret Michaels hot the stage of the Hard Rock Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida last Saturday night and the guys from Skum were there in support. With a full house, Michaels rocked the crowd hard  and after the show hung out with Hart Baur and John Eaton backstage.

Michaels is the consumate professional as he spent his time shaking hands with the hundreds of fans who waited for him after the show. With a post concert raffle of items used in the show such as t-shirts, bandanas, and guitars to benefit Diabetes rescearch, Michaels showed everyone that he practices what he preaches.

“It is amazing that the fans support me the way they have, It’s awesome.” Michales said back stage.

“A great show, a great night and I even got a bandana as it was for a great cause and I fully support Bret’s charity work, One guy bought a signed guitar for $3500!” said Hart Baur. “He is the nicest guy in the business and every time I can see him play, I will be there,”

The guys talked about the show, the film and Bret’s work with Pet Smart and Dean Guitars.

“It doesn’t get any cooler hanging with backstage Bret,” said John Eaton. “He saw me and gave me a hug and said ‘thanks for coming out.’ You can’t beat that, he a stand up guy.”

Michaels said he would be coming back this summer to play with Def Leppard, and that he is pretty excited to be back out on the road with Poison.

Edward Burns Jams with Skum!

It’s been a few of years since Actor Edward Burns‘ band ‘The Blue Jackets‘ opened for Coldplay and they haven’t played live at all in the last two years!

After the permier of his new film ‘Nice Guy Johnny‘ Friday night at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival Ed told Hart and John “I’ve been itching to jam”.

“Say no more” said Hart and a extremely rare Skum practice was arranged where Ed was invited to sit in.

The guys rocked rocked into the wee hours playing a some of The Blue Jackets favorites but Ed, an accomplished guitarist in his own right, had a little trouble keeping up with Eaton on a couple of Skum songs.

Skum Does Denim and Diamonds!

On Saturday night Skum lead singer Hart Baur and lead guitarist John Eaton joined forces with the Miami Heat‘s Udonis Haslem in his annual Demin and Diamonds charity fund raiser. This  year’s event was a Vegas style casino theme and it didn’t take Eaton long to jump into the fray.

“I love poker and this was for a good cause,” said Eaton. When asked how he did, Eaton replied, “it’s the kids who won tonight.”

“I just want to give back to my community,” said Haslem. ‘This is my town and I’m proud to say that.”

Haslem then cleaned up at the poker table leading Eaton to comment with a laugh “‘there must have been some home cooking with the dealers!”

The room was filled with celebrities such as Dwyane Wade, Mike Miller and several other Miami Heat players. A crowd of over 500 turned out and  for the event, and fun was had by all.

“I didn’t see Clooney and I heard he was showing up,” said Baur. “He owes me a beer from the Super Bowl. I figured he pay up tonight. if anyone sees George on South Beach tell him he owes me!”

To donate to Udonis Haslem Foundation please follow the link below.

Skum teams up with the Miami Dolphins for the kids!

Miami’s own rock band Skum was out in force last week at Lincoln Road’s Lucky Strike bowling alley in a strong show of support for the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Dolphin Foundation, a charity devoted to providing and supporting signature Education, Health, Youth Athletic Programs and Volunteer Activities that inspire and engage communities throughout Florida. 

Skum’s John Eaton, Pat Burke, Hart Baur, Todd Mittlebrook and Tommy Gunn were on hand to sign autographs and get in a few frames. Dolphin players Brandon Marshall and Brandon Fields were also in attendance and the night quickly took off. Marshall was gracious to the many fans in attendance but was unsure of who was who within the band. “I’m a lot younger than these guys, they were way before me.” 

Lead guitarist John Eaton challenged Fields to see who could get the first strike in which Field knocked out a strike on his first toss. ‘Not bad for a punter,’ joked Eaton. 

The high game of the night came from Pat Burke who scored a 186, with the low game belonging to Tommy Gunn who managed to scrap together a 74. “Lets be honest, Gunn sucks at bowling,” added Burke. Gunn blamed his low score of the fact that he was denied re-entry into the VIP lanes after going to the bathroom and thus missed 3 fames. “They wouldn’t let me in, they didn’t know I was with the band.” 

‘It was great to be out and supporting the foundation,” said lead singer Hart Baur. “Charity starts at home and we are from Miami.”