Tommy Craig in Discussions to Launch Fragrance


Tommy Craig with Jenny McCarthy

Tommy Craig with Jenny McCarthy

Skum drummer Tommy Craig is close to fulfilling his lifelong dream with his announcement earlier this week that he is in discussions to launch his signature brand of cologne “Drumbeat”.

“My idea for “Drumbeat” is to create a masculine fragrance that captures  the spirit of rock and roll with a fusion  of citrus and a touch of Nordic musk.” said Tommy. “I think the fans will love it and it will allow me the opportunity to branch my brand outside of the band a bit.”

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

During his trip to  Hollywood for the Hollywood screening of the film “Skum Rocks!”, Tommy met with several people who were interested in bringing his ideas to reality. It is rumored that Paris Hilton is one of the silent backers of the venture, but this has not been confirmed.

“I’m an not at liberty to say who is involved in this,” said Tommy. “But rest assured it is some pretty big names. especially with the potential TV show.  It is how we roll.”

Ximon Lee

Ximon Lee

“I heard that Tommy was looking into creating his own fragrance,” said rhythm bassist Todd, ” So I introduced him to  Ximon (Lee) backstage at the Miami Premiere and they kind of hit it off. Ximon has a lot of contacts in the world of fragrance.”

(Editor’s note: Ximon Lee designed Todd’s red carpet outfit.)

“Ximon was awesome and knew a lot of people who were interested in seeing where this could go and he made a few calls, ” added Tommy. “It seemed that I was on the phone with almost everyone in the industry. Pretty stoked, nothing is confirmed, but the ball is rolling as they say. I’m reviewing bottle designs this week.”

The fragrance release party will be held at Longdogger’s in Melbourne, Florida later this summer or early fall.

“Looking forward to the release party. Will make sure that they serve the tempura shrimp with a lime-mango salsa that is to die for,” said Tommy.  “Will be a great night and hope to see all the fans out for that one.”

“We are proud that Tommy is finally doing this,” said lead bassist Pat Burke. “He has been talking about doing  this for years.”






Skum to Play Budokan in 2015?


Tokyo's Budokan Hall

Tokyo’s Budokan Hall

With the impending mass release of the soon to be cult classic ‘Skum Rocks!” narrated by Alice Cooper there has been a lot of international interest in the film.  While negotiations with the yet to be named US Distributor heat up, a Japanese company has entered the bidding war in an attempt to get the rights to the film for a country wide theatrical release in Japan, complete with a star studded Tokyo Premiere.

"Live at Budokan"

“Live at Budokan”

The Japanese firm is wanting to get the band to sign a one show deal to play the famed Budokan arena, made famous by Cheap Trick in the late 1970’s with their epic album “Cheap Trick – Live at Budokan”.

Arata Haruki is trying to secure the band to play the venue and is in contact with several other major US bands to create what he calls a “Massive Bill”.  It was not clear, but Mr. Haruki alluded to possibly bringing Cheap Trick for the night to as he put it ‘bring it full circle.”

Arata Haruk

Arata Haruk

“Skum had a good underground following in Japan, especially in the southern regions, particularly in Kyushu and Shikoku,” said Mr. Haruki.  “If this film premieres in Tokyo, I am convinced we can sell out Budokan and make this a great night for Japanese – American rock and roll. We would want Loudness to play as well.”

“We would love to play Budokan,” said rhythm bassist Todd Middlebrook. “We would love to do a live album there as well. Why not? Right?”

The talk of a “Skum Live at Budokan” dates back to 1988 when the band was attempting to capitalize on their surging underground popularity.  “We would get these letters from the Japanese chicks with these polaroids, I mean pretty graphic stuff,” said lead guitarist John Eaton. “I was like, dude we got to do a Live at Budokan or something like that.”

While no date or dates have been even formally discussed, the band has spoken with Mr. Haruki on two occasions and he flew to Miami for the Miami premiere of “Skum Rocks!” and was backstage at the concert.

“It is a little early to start calling Rolling Stone about this,” said lead bassist Pat Burke. “But look, we know our rock and roll history and what this would mean to our fans. We need a live album to follow ‘Lost’ so to me and this is just me talking off the cuff, this just makes perfect fucking sense.”

“Do I want to play Budokan? Of course.” added lead singer Hart Baur. “Will it happen? I do not know. Arata and I had a really good talk back stage and what he said was that if he can get Loudness and maybe Cheap Trick, and we do this the night after or before the Tokyo premiere. Mark (Brasel) said we can record one of the greatest live albums ever, and you know I am down for that.”

“I thought Abbey Road was epic. This is blowing my mind,” said drummer Tommy Craig. “I hear we will get two special guest to join us on stage as well. This is what I have come to expect with this band. Greatness.”

The Fabulous Miss Wendy, who recently joined the band on stage in Miami was mentioned as being one of the special guests in Tokyo. “I have always wanted to play in Japan, and can’t wait to rock it!!!!”

SKUM ROCKS! Brevard Live Review


brevard flipbook pic


Brevard Florida LIVE April 2015 issue had a great write up and review of the SKUM ROCKS! Miami Beach premiere.  Check it out below or online at:

brevard flip book pdf


SKUM ROCKS! Miami Premiere



In what is being described as the most over the top film premiere in Miami’s storied history, the long awaited debut of the rock and roll documentary “Skum Rocks!” took place at Miami Beach’s historical Colony Theatre on Lincoln Road March 5th.

The red carpet was filled with stars as Eddie Money, Frankie Banali with Quiet Riot, the Fabulous Miss Wendy, Phoenix Benjamin, Scan Man, and of course, the entire Skum crew arrived on the scene. Lincoln Road became pure rock and roll chaos as the six limousine caravan unloaded an army of celebrities into the star crazed group of fans, erupting into an explosion of flashes, screams, and cell phone selfies as the stars made their way into the crowd. Throngs of people crowded and rushed the celebs as the red carpet turned into an impromptu meet and greet, and Eddie Money was heard to say, “Is this turnout great or what?”

Skum’s lead bassist, Pat Burke, said, “This is exactly what we wanted. The chance to give our hometown Miami fans an inside look at what we’re all about. Eddie, Frankie, all of us in Skum, everyone was having a great time, and I don’t think I ever took more photos with fans—ever. Eddie said he hadn’t seen this much fan excitement in years, and couldn’t wait to see the film.”

The fabled Lincoln Road Colony Theatre, built in the 1930’s, was packed, with the premiere sold out before show time, and a handful of additional tickets left at the box office were gone once the window opened up. Some tickets were sold on Craigslist for twice their face value, and there were reports of ticket scalping on Lincoln Road, though no arrests were made by the Miami Beach Police Department.

“It was the wildest red carpet I’ve ever seen,” said Skum drummer Tommy Craig. “And I was on the red carpet in Hollywood the night Brad Pitt was attacked! But this one blew that one away. This one was sheer madness.”

The Fabulous Miss Wendy, who has a cameo in the film and was to join Skum on stage at the Grand Central after party, said, “I’m from LA where they do premieres, but this was the craziest of any I’ve seen. The crowd was huge, with the stars and fans all mingled together. It was like Lincoln Road became just a huge backstage.”

Rock journalist icon Bobby Newcastle tweeted, “I was backstage having a sit down with Scan Man when everyone arrived, and I heard it was a madhouse out there. Eddie (Money) told me later it was one of the coolest entrances he’d ever been a part of, and that’s saying something.”

“It rocked, bro,’ added Phoenix Benjamin.

The movie house was rocking once the premiere started, as scene after scene delivered true laughs, and the fans were loving every second of it. “This is a great moment for the band in many ways,” said Skum lead singer Hart Baur. “We finally get to tell our story in front of our hometown. There’s been a lot of talk about the film and how this will be our legacy, but I say this is just the beginning of it, and I can’t wait to get on stage later and blow the place away.”

“Skum Rocks!” director Clay Westervelt was blown away, both by the size and enthusiasm of the crowd and by the response. “This is a huge premiere for an independent film—one of the biggest I’ve seen. But the real gauge for me was how the crowd of close to four hundred in the audience reacted. To say it went over well is a vast understatement.”

“Killed it,” said Skum rhythm bassist Todd Middlebrook. “Straight up killed it. Bang on.”

Forget everything you’ve heard about the difficulties filming “SKUM ROCKS!” Forget the troubles they had, including the misbehavior of two of its spotlighted stars. The memorable thing about “Skum Rocks!” is that it’s not only stellar entertainment, it’s one of the most important rock and roll films of our day.

Todd Surprises Mega-Fan David Villa at Practice!

Todd & David in Manchester

Todd & David in Manchester

Taking a day out of his busy schedule in London in preparation for the March 5th “Skum Rocks!” Miami Premiere, rhythm bassist and football fan Todd Middlebrook took the train up to Manchester to meet with the band’s mega-fan and Spanish International David Villa. Villa was in Manchester for a week of training with his new club New York City.

“I heard David was into the  band through Fernando (Torres) and our people were able to work out a time for me to get up there and surprise him with Skum some T-shirts, a jacket and an advance copy of the CD even though we are missing 5 solos,” said Todd. “He was really surprised and excited to get the shirts. I am glad New York City helped set this up as New York City is going to be my team this year when I move back.”

“I was very surprised,” said Villa through an interpreter.  “I bought it was Todd on the sidelines, but we were in the middle of a six on six. Then they called me over and I saw the bag of shirts.”

New York City is starting league play this spring and the signing of the Spanish superstar was seen as a huge coup in Europe.  Many experts have gone on the record as saying that Villa gives NYC an instant chance to be competitive.

Will he make the Miami premiere?

“I hope he can make it, but the season is right around the corner,” said Todd. “It was a great day up here and I can’t wait to see David playing in my hometown.”

“We will see, it really comes down to the training schedule. If I can get away from the night I would love to come down,” said a laughing Villa. “Miami are you kidding me? I speak Spanish!”


“Skum Rocks!” to Premiere at Colony Theatre March 5th to Benefit CHARLEE

Miami Premiere Flyer

On Thursday March 5th, the long awaited World Premiere of “Skum Rocks!” narrated by Alice Cooper will finally screen for the fans!  In what Michael Wench has called ‘the most important rock and roll film of the past thirty years,” “Skum Rocks!” will unleash its stark look at one of the most controversial bands of  the past forty years.

The night, all to benefit CHARLEE of Dade County will bring the stars out in Miami.

With an old Hollywood style premiere, complete with celebrities, red carpet, spotlights and limos will give Miami a night to remember. “What they are doing here is really amazing,” said film director Clay Westervelt. “This film deserves a large premiere, just the scope of the celebrities in this film is astounding and to launch this massive project and doing something great for CHARLEE, well, to me thats just what this band is all about.”

“CHARLEE has been serving children and families in Miami-Dade County for almost 32 years.  We are extremely grateful that CHARLEE was chosen as the beneficiary of the Skum Rocks premiere and after party,” said Executive Director Suzy Schumer.  “The funds raised from the event will allow us to continue to provide vital services in our community..”

The film premiere and red carpet will be at the Colony Theatre on Lincoln Road with the after party concert at Miami’s Grand Central.

“We wanted to do something for the city which has embraced this band.” said rhythm bassist Todd Middlebrook. “This city is like a second home to me and this just feels good to do.”

In typical Skum fashion, the after party will be over the top with Quiet Riot and Eddie Money  on stage with Skum as well as special guest The Urge. “This will be the homecoming people will be talking about for years, to finally show this story and play on stage with the likes of Eddie and QUIET RIOT. You can make this up,” said lead bassist Pat Burke.

“Charity is a passion of mine,” said Guitarist John Eaton. “To do this event and have this all benefit CHARLEE, who is not going to go to a classic time and hear some great rock and roll. Anyone who knows us will be there to show the country what this city can do for this great cause.”




Eddie Money & QUIET RIOT to Play ‘Skum Rocks!’ After Party in Miami – March 5th!


Eddie Money

Eddie Money



It has been announced that the “Skum Rocks!” movie premier after party to benefit Charlee of Dade County has signed two major acts to perform on stage. Eddie Money and the legendary QUIET RIOT will join Skum in Miami on March 5th for what will be a blowout concert spectacle.

Following the World Premiere of ‘Skum Rocks!” at the iconic Colony Theatre on Lincoln Road, the three bands, with special guests The Urge, will rock club Grand Central in Downtown Miami for what will be one of the most memorable rock shows Miami has ever seen.

Eddie Money and Hart Baur

Eddie & Hart

QUIET RIOT is on a resurgence never seen before in the rock world and Eddie Money, with his immense catalog of hits (“Two Tickets to Paradise”, “I Think I’m in Love” “Baby Hold On”) will bring it all to the Grand Central stage. The fans are going to get a show of a lifetime.

“It is an honor to share the stage with such great names,” said Skum drummer Tommy Craig. “Excited to see Eddie again and everyone knows my love of Frankie as a drummer and a friend. He is a true legend.”

With all proceeds benefitting CHARLEE of Dade County the evening is one that hits close to the band’s foundations. “We always did charity events back in the 80’s,” said Skum lead singer Hart Baur. “We felt that with this platform of the World Premiere, we could do something really good for our city. And with Eddie And QUIET RIOT, well its going to be epic!”

Hart Frankie John

Hart, Frankie & John Backstage

“I am so excited to play this show in Miami,” said Frankie Banali.  “QUIET RIOT has a long history playing in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. This particular show will be great because we are all friends with Eddie Money and I’m personal friends with all the guys in Skum which makes for a great evening of fun and rock and roll!”


It has been over twenty five years since Skum has played live in Miami and this grand homecoming has the trapping of one of those shows people talk about for years.

Eddie Money and John

Eddie & John


The film is finally there, and we get to play onstage with some of our idols,” said Skum Guitarist John Eaton. “This is truly a great moment for all of us, and especially CHARLEE. I learned how to play guitar to Metal Health, doesn’t get much better than this.”

Go to & for ticket information.

“This is what we do,” said lead bassist Pat Burke, “We are going out there to lay it down. Twenty five years in the making.”

Todd Middlebrook added “This is long overdue. This is really a dream bill for us. These guys (QUIET RIOT) are who put hard rock on the map back in 80’s and Eddie just did it his way. The American Dream my friends, the American Dream.”

Hart and Wayne Newton Rock Out in Miami


Hart-Wayne Nov2014

Saturday Night at the Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Miami was the glitzy and glamorous Miami Make a Wish Foundation 20th Annual Ball. And if you looked into the corner of the massive ballroom, away from all the glitz and pomp, you would have seen none other than legendary performer Wayne Newton, sharing some laughs with Skum’s lead singer, Hart Baur.

Wayne and Hart were out at the star studded event in support of the Make a Wish Foundation, the organization whose mission it is to grant the wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions, a mission that Wayne Newton describes as “fabulous”. They were also there to in support of fellow performer Diana Ross, who starred in the evening’s “Oz Reimagined” theme.

“What can I say?” asked Hart. “Wayne is a legend, and when I learned he would be at this event, it was all the more reason to attend. We were able to catch up, and had a great conversation.”

Wayne was excited about the upcoming Miami premier of “Skum Rocks!“. “I love Alice Cooper,” he said. “Alice is in the rock and roll hall of fame for a reason, and anything he signs on to is a must see. And I’m proud of the Skum guys. There’s is a great rock and roll story, and I wish them all the best.”

“I was joking about Skum playing Vegas next year, and told Wayne we could stay at his house,” said Hart. “He laughed.”

“Not happening, ” added Wayne. “I heard what the guys did during their stay in Memphis. Besides, have you seen Tommy Craig’s house?”

“It was a great night for a great cause,” added Hart.  “Plus, hanging with Wayne was special. Hope he can make the premiere.”

John Eaton Kicking Back With Alex Morgan

Alex John 2

Sunday night, Skum’s John Eaton was out in support of US Soccer’s Superstar and Skum fan Alex Morgan. Alex was in town with Coca Cola, and as a guest of Miami Beach, promoting young kids to get active and involved in sports. The event was held at the Washington Avenue McDonald’s, and was packed with excited fans who were able to meet with Alex as well as get a signed copy of her new book “The Kicks: Sabotage Season.”

“Great turnout tonight,” said Alex. “Great to see people out in this weather.”

John, who is a huge US Soccer Fan of both the women’s and men’s teams said, “Of course I was going to be out to support Alex. She’s an awesome player and what she does with her books and her support of the youth sports programs nationwide says all you need to know.”

“Really appreciate the support,” said Alex, who was also doing an event with Miami Beach the next day.

“I was joking with her about who’s going to win the World Cup in Canada next year, and she was laughing ‘USA for sure!’. I love this game, we are a soccer band, as Pat, Todd, Hart and Tommy all played, so they got me into it. Saw a Premiere League game when we recorded at Abbey Road last year and now I’m really hooked.”

“We are winning it, no doubt about that,” said Alex. “You are going, right?”

John, depending on the band’s schedule next summer, is planning on being in Canada at some of the U.S. games and has announced that he will be composing a song for the team.

“As always, it will come own to our shoot schedule,” said John. “But once they do the draw and get a schedule up, I’m booking tickets. Tommy already said he wants to go, as he’s thinking about doing a book about seeing the World Cup like a rock star, so that’ll be fun.”:

“For sure I’m going,” added Tommy, who was unable to attend the event. “Hopefully I will have my travel show all set up by then.”

Pat Burke was unable to attend. “Wait, Alex was in town this week?” said Pat when reached by phone.

Skum Rocks the Transformers Premiere!


Hart and Michael Bay on the Red Carpet

Hart and Michael Bay on the Red Carpet

The guys were out in force last Thursday at the Miami premiere of fellow Miami resident Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction at the beautiful Aventura Fashion Mall.   The red carpet festivities were in full swing as hundreds of screaming fans were there to greet director Michael Bay and Jack Reynor (who stars in the film) were there for the event.

Hart joined friend Michael Bay on the red carpet as Tommy Craig and John Eaton were late arrivals due to rush hour Miami traffic and missed their time slot on the red carpet.

“Dude I didn’t look at the invite,” said John. “Last time Michael had his premiere he did it at South Beach Regal and I just assumed it was there. Then getting up to Aventura from South Beach at six o’clock on a week day?  Forget it.”

Pat and Todd missed the event as they were at the USA -Germany match in Recife, Brazil and thus were unable to attend. “I called Tommy and told him I was going to game to let everyone know. No disrespect to Michael, but this is the World Cup. I just didn’t realize he would miss it as well,” said Pat.

“I was calling John and he said he went to the wrong theatre, so we were all hoping they would get here in time,” said Hart. “ But Michael was cool about it, he understood. Besides Dwayne (Wade) was stuck in traffic as well and missed the whole thing.”

The premiere was sold out as expected and Michael said “This is a big franchise around the world, we just got back from China and its massive over there.”

The huge crowd made parking a nightmare as Tommy and John were stuck in the parking lot looking for a space for about twenty minutes. “Should have valet parked,” said John.

In the theatre it was a mad house as fan scrambled to get autographs and seats as the cast walked into the VIP area.

Once inside the mall Tommy stopped  to get a pretzel at Auntie Anne’s and was held up in line further delaying his entrance. “I figured we already missed the red carpet and I was starving, so had to get one of the Auntie Anne’s Originals for the screening. They bake them with real butter. Just amazing stuff” said Tommy.

”Oh yeah, “ added Hart. “They use real sea salt. Those things are fantastic.”

“It sucks we missed the red carpet,” said John. “ I apologized to Michael and told him he should direct our video for “Hanging out with Fred and he just laughed.

“Michael is a great director,” added Tommy. “Would love it if he did ‘Fred”.