Maria Sharapova Wants Candy

Maria Sharpova and Hart Baur

Maria Sharpova and Hart Baur

Maria Sharapova and John Eaton

Maria Sharapova and John Eaton

Last night at The Shops at Sunset Place Hart Baur and John Eaton joined good friend and tennis superstar Maria Sharapova at the launching of Maria’s new candy line “Sugarpova“. The place was pack with fans as Maria mingled with fans and signed autographs for everyone. “It was great we were able to get out here and support Maria, said lead guitarist John Eaton. “Will be out at the Sony Open cheering her on, but these events are just as important.”

Said Maria, “It was great Hart and John came out to be with me, I can’t wait to see this movie, release it already guys!” 

Maria’s candy line called ‘Sugarpova’ is a stylish, chic candy line that she was personally involved with from the beginning. “It was about 2 years from the meeting to this.” Each candy is designed by Maria herself, with her actually doing the drawings of the designs herself. “Yes, I did the drawings and designs myself, I was very involved and really learned the whole process. I am exited about it.”
The crowd of over 500 hundred were treated to a photo op as well as a chance to taste her new creations.
“I fell in love with gummy candies when I first came to the US when I was a little girl and went to the movies with my grandmother. To do this now is really amazing to me,” she said. 
“This was a great event and was very happy we were able to work this into our schedule to be here to support her,” said lead singer Hart Baur. “She is a great champion and now a great entrepreneur. She deserves all of this.”
“Maria’s awesome,” added John.

Edward Burns Jams with Skum!

It’s been a few of years since Actor Edward Burns‘ band ‘The Blue Jackets‘ opened for Coldplay and they haven’t played live at all in the last two years!

After the permier of his new film ‘Nice Guy Johnny‘ Friday night at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival Ed told Hart and John “I’ve been itching to jam”.

“Say no more” said Hart and a extremely rare Skum practice was arranged where Ed was invited to sit in.

The guys rocked rocked into the wee hours playing a some of The Blue Jackets favorites but Ed, an accomplished guitarist in his own right, had a little trouble keeping up with Eaton on a couple of Skum songs.

Dexter And Skum Bloodied Up The Red Carpet at Miami Beach’s National Hotel


Last Saturday Night Skum Lead Guitarist John Eaton walked the red carpet at the launch of Showtimes‘s dvd release of ‘Dexter‘ season four. Eaton hung out with the show’s stars Lauren Velez, C.S. Lee and David Zayas at Miami Beach’s National Hotel where the event was held. “It was great to be at the National and hanging David. His work is amazing on Dexter and I loved him in the ‘Expanables‘.

The party at the National included as lavish seafood buffet, open bar complete with specialty ‘Dexter’ margaritas all by a fire lit poolside which included a floating ‘corpse’ in the pool. They group headed to STK Miami in the Gansevoort Hotel for the after party where things loosened up a bit and John and Lauren surprised David with their rendition of a birthday cake for his birthday. “We wanted to surprise him, but Lee forgot the cake, so we just  improvised. It was hilarious!” added Eaton.

The party went on until about 4am when it finally ended when police were called by upset neighbors. “It seems the cops always bust up things just when they are getting good,” said Zayas. “It was great to be in Miami and see all my friends here.”

Eaton was asked about the Bon Jovi controversy and stated “I really don’t even remember what happened with Bon Jovi to be honest. I’m just glad we made peace with Cinderalla. Too much has been written about all of that and it is finally settled. Just happy to be out here tonight supporting ‘Dexter’.”