Fans to Vote for the ‘Drumbeat’ Bottle Design!


Tommy Craig

Tommy Craig

Here we go. Tommy has announced that he wants you, the fans to decide which bottle he chooses for his signature fragrance “Drumbeat.”

Option #1:

# 1

# 1

This design comes from the famous Icelandic sculptor Olafur Eliasson, who used a full body cast made of  Belgian molding wax in which he immersed Tommy into  a vat of warm wax making the mold.

Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson

“I wanted to capture Tommy’s strength as a man and as an artist,” said Eliasson “I am pleased with the outcome and only hope he chooses my vision for “Drumbeat.”

“It was great working with Olafur,” said Tommy. “We sent ideas back and forth and I was able to meet him in a studio in Orlando and really liked what he was doing. If this one is selected, I will be happy with that.”


Option #2:

# 2

# 2

Option # 2 is a simple design that conveys the simplicity of a simple beat. Designed by London’s Matt Knox, this bottle is something in which rock fans across the globe can identify. The seamless lines of the cylinder shape take from the symmetry of a bass drum. The backbone of Tommy’s drum kit.

To those who have seen Tommy Craig play live, you realize right away that the soul of his artistry is the bass unit,” said Knox. “So I wanted to incorporate that into the design. I think it is rather stunning in its simplicity to be honest.”

“I like it,” added Tommy.


Option #3:

# 3

# 3

In what Thai artist  Kae Chonglada calls the ‘Black Knight” may be the one most innovative designs for a fragrance yet.  Known for her ‘Modern Asian Watercolors”, Chonglada wanted to do something bold and yet sexy.

 Kae Chonglada

Kae Chonglada”

I enjoy symbolism and listening to Tommy’s work I knew what I heard. Walter (Bruning) was very instrumental in getting me this opportunity and I was thankful for the chance to work on something outside of my comfort zone. ”

“What Kae did with this is simply spectacular. I am glad the fans are choosing.” said Tommy. ” Going to be some hard decisions made for sure.”

Added Walter, “I think Kae’s work speaks for itself. Very talented and I hoped she gets the nod.”

To cast your vote please send your vote to:

Skum Rocks With Kate Upton

Kate and Harte


Hart Baur and John Eaton attended the Express fashion show at the Raleigh on Miami Beach this week to support Kate Upton. Hailing from Melbourne, Florida,  Kate is a fan of Skum and was disappointed she missed the band’s show last month at Baroos.

“I was in Melbourne in December, but I had to leave before New Year’s,” said Kate. “I wish they had played the show when I was in town!”

Kate recently signed on to be the new face of Express and the guys couldn’t be happier.

“When I heard that Kate was getting this gig, I was pumped,” said lead guitarist John Eaton. “Besides being gorgeous, she’s a great person and will represent the line well.”

The Raleigh was packed with fans and fashion gurus for the twenty minute fashion show that highlighted some of the new Express lines for the Spring.

“I’m a jeans and T-shirt girl, so working with Express is a perfect fit,” added Kate. “It’s great to be here and have the guys to support me.”

“Kate looks spectacular and she is going to be a great ambassador for Express,” said lead singer Hart Baur. “It was great to be out here to support her. We were both born in Melbourne, so we have some common ground. I was telling her she needs to be in our next video.”

At that, Kate laughed and said she would “have to see that script first!”

As the show started, John was hanging out in the DJ booth spinning some tracks, while Hart and famed attorney Walter Bruning watched the show from Bruning’s personal cabana.  Walter, who has done some work for the Raleigh in the past, enjoys a good relationship with the management team.

“I love the Raleigh!” said Walter.

Walter’s guest list included Miami Heat star Chris Bosch and radio personality Lee Sterling. “Great event for sure. Anytime you’re hanging with Walter at the Raleigh it’s a fun time,” said Sterling.  “The man can throw a cabana party.”

“I’ve done several contracts for them (The Raleigh) in the past. It’s a great resort,” said Walter. “Always a joy to come out here and see what’s going on. Great show today and it’s always wonderful seeing Ms. Upton. My she’s hot.”

Kate looked gorgeous in her Express white strapless dress as she concluded the show to a standing ovation.

“Great night tonight,” added John. “This is what it’s all about. Getting out and supporting friends.”

SKUM Rocks the Red Carpet at the 16th Annual Make-A-Wish Ball

Excitement and glamour abounded on Saturday as guests to the 16th-Annual Make-A-Wish-Ball in downtown Miami were greeted with a surprise appearance of Miami’s own hard rock band Skum. The group, famous or infamous depending where you stand, for their exploits on the east coast in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, were on hand to lend their support to the event, which grants wishes for the less fortunate.

Skum made their entrance at approximately 7:47 PM and were greeted by cheers and calls from surprised fans as they walked through the lobby of the Intercontinental Hotel towards the Red Carpet, which was White for the themed event. Famed attorney Walter Bruning was also on hand to support the band and he called the event “simply magnificent!”

With a buzz in the air about their upcoming movie ‘Skum Rocks!’ narrated by Alice Cooper, which chronicles the band’s rise and fall and rise, people were asking about the film and if the band was planning on touring to support their long awaited album ‘Lost at the Circus,’ which is to be released in conjunction with the film.

Lead guitarist John Eaton said, “Tonight is not about us. It’s about the kids, that’s why we are here.”

Also seen was Skum’s newest member drummer, Tommy Craig, who sat in for a missing Tommy Gunn. “It was great to be out supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation,” said Craig. “Just to be a part of this band in a small way after all that has happened is something I can’t really describe. It is beyond words. I mean you see and read about these guys growing up and hearing what they did and now to be standing here with them, well, just amazing!”

Joining the band on the White Carpet were the host and head auctioneer of the event ‘Burn Notice’s’ Gabrielle Anwar,  who joked with the band – “so when is the film coming out?” and legendary rocker Joan Jett, who later played a rocking set for the well heeled crowd.

All posed for photos and laughed about the old days.

This year’s celebrity auctioneer Anwar of Burn Notice famewore a very chic yet elegant gown imitating a classic tuxedo. After asking how she came to host such a grand event, she revealed that when asked to do so, she couldn’t have refused, “I’m sleeping with the guy (who put this together).”

Anwar also gave us a little peek into her thoughts about filming Burn Notice telling us it was “pretty extraordinary to be shooting in Miami…I’m happy this is where we’ve ended up”. She still is not sure what lies ahead but she has “a lot of irons in my fire; so if I don’t poke myself with a hot iron too many times, something may happen.”

“Tonight has been great,” said Skum Lead Singer Hart Baur. “To be out here to support Gabby and Joan, and this entire project is just something we are very proud of. Shareef (Malnik) does a wonderful job putting this together, so I can’t wait to see Joan’s set. She said she was rocking the house tonight, so I’m excited.”

When pushed about the film’s premiere, Eaton expanded, “The premiere is going to be amazing…the biggest show of the decade.”

Walter Bruning added, “Tonight it is all about the Make-A-Wish Foundation, that’s why I’m here, and the ladies, well, they look wonderful tonight. But you can’t still be somewhat excited about the movie. Finally this band will get what they should have years ago, and hopefully I can get some of my investment back as well.”

Eaton, who high fived Jett on stage in the middle of the classic I Hate Myself For Loving You, summed it up best by saying it was really “all about the kids.”

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, which according to Jett herself would “get all those people in their ball gowns up and dancing,” lit up the ball room with a blistering 45 minute set that included all her hits.

“This was the first time I’ve been asked to play at one of these fundraising events,” said a delighted Jett after the show. “If you believe in what you’re doing, don’t give up no matter how tough it gets because it will get tough. That really goes for anything in life, for musicians, and it’s nothing more for girls. If that’s where you want to go, you have to fight for what you love.”

“When Joan hit the stage I grabbed the first lady I saw without a legitimate date and got her on the dance floor,” added Bruning. “The night is young and I hear they are having an after party.”

Andrea Rey

Bruning and Martindale Shoot Scene for ‘Skum Rocks!’

On Saturday morning the ‘Skum Rocks!’ film crew headed over to Miami Beach for the shooting of a hilarious scene for the upcoming the movie ‘Skum Rocks!’. The scene entails two members of the band’s entourage that are caught abusing their power of access granted by the band, to get young girls. What else is new?
The band’s tour manager, Steve Martindale, was in bed wearing his colorfully printed boxers totally mesmerized by Errabella Victoria’s sexy attire. “They told me I would be with someone hot, and they weren’t kidding. It’s just like the old days with these guys, never a shortage of beautiful women. I hope we tour again.” But sparkling sequenced bras and tight black miniskirts were not the only highlight of the day, witnessing Victoria jolt across the room in 6 inch heels as Martindale chased after her to no avail, was quite an experience.
“[It was a] great shoot with the guys. This film is over the top, I can’t wait to see this. ” Errabella further explained her past experiences running in heels, saying “its not easy.”
If this didn’t already have you bursting into laughter, Walter Bruning and Tiffany Hayden’s simultaneous and morally questionable emersion from the bathroom in scanty attire would surely have you in tears.
Hayden said she “[absolutely] loved it. Being a part of this is totally cool.” Her cheetah print corset and matching heels had the whole crew salivating, “The shoot went well, Errabella and Tiffany looked hot as hell, and Walter is the best” said Erix Mercedes, camera man and editor.
The shoot was a definite success and Bruning’s words summarized the day perfectly, “I loved the ladies, and this was all about them. Its always about them.”
Andrea Rey