The Fabulous Miss Wendy on Stage with Skum March 5th!

Fabulous Miss Wendy  Photo by: Daphne Timberlake

Fabulous Miss Wendy Photo by: Daphne Timberlake

It is official! The Fabulous Miss Wendy will be joining Skum on stage in their legendary comeback show March 5th at Grand Central in Downtown Miami.  Wendy, who has a cameo in the feature film “Skum Rocks!”, will also walk the red carpet at the premiere at the Miami Beach’s Colony Theater.

“This is exciting,” said Wendy from her Hollywood lair. “I have been a fan of these guys for a long time, and I really thought they were just this urban legend you would hear on the circuit. But to get up and jam with them live. Totally cool!”

“The Fabulous Miss Wendy exudes what rock and roll is all about,” added Skum drummer Tommy Craig. “She is gorgeous, talented and can flat out play the guitar. Stoked about what we are going do together here.”

The boys and Miss Wendy will combine for a few songs and may even surprise the crowd with one of her originals. “We’re not saying what song we are doing, but trust me dude, we are going kill it,” said lead bassist Pat Burke,  “She is the real deal and this is going to be a must see moment in rock and roll.”

“To be in Miami at Grand Central, getting on stage with these guys is going to be a great moment for me,” added Wendy.  “Plus, to see yourself on a thirty foot screen, how can you not want to go out afterward and just rock it out?”

“I first saw Wendy in LA when she played the Whiskey.” said rhythm bassist Todd Middlebrook. “She tore the place down. Ronnie (Wood) told me she was the real deal and he was spot on.”

March 5th at Grand Central.  Make it date!




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