Tico Torres and SKUM!

Bon Jovi Drummer Tico Torres joined Skum‘s John Eaton and Hart Baur in the VIP area at Tico’s art showing in Miami. They discussed the upcoming Bon Jovi Tour as well as Tico’s surprise that the lost tapes had been found and Skum was indeed reuniting.

Buoyed by their memoirs of the failed Skum/Bon Jovi double bill which lasted only 3 shows as Skum was kicked-off the tour at the insistence of Jon Bon Jovi, Tico explained he had nothing to do with the removal as nothing of his was stolen and he had no complaints.

“I barely even remember that,” said Skum guitarist John Eaton “what was it, like two or three shows? I do not even think we got paid. They claimed we stole their bass amps and they charged us like double.”

The art show was a success and Tico Torres is as an accomplished artist as he is drummer. His paintings were a vivid expression of color and abstract, and those in attendance were impressed. “Tico has a lot of talent for this,” stated Hart Baur. “It is good to see fellow rockers out their expanding their boundaries.”

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