Tiffany Rocks Magic City Casino!

Hart TiffanySaturday night Skum’s lead guitarist John Eaton and lead singer Hart Baur were backstage at the Magic City Casino in Miami, Florida to support a great friend of the band’s, none other that 80’s star Tiffany. Tiffany rocked the sold out crowd with her rock infused set that covered a wide range of material, including a rocking version of GNR‘s “Sweet Child of Mine.”

Tiffany, who also appears in the upcoming film “Skum Rocks!’ was thrilled to see the guys and appreciative of the support. “It was great to see them backstage supporting me and I can’t wait to get on stage with them at the premiere after party,” said Tiffany. “The crowd was great tonight and it felt good to give a good performance. I love playing Miami.”
“We just wanted to get out here and see Tiff do her set. She is an amazing vocalist, and puts on a hell of a show,” said John. ”Sweet Child of Mine’ are you kidding me? You rocked that out of the park.”
“I started doing that song several years ago and it just works. I love doing that song!” said Tiffany.
“It was a great night, Tiffany was fantastic, she sounded better than ever, and just had the crowd in her hands. The people here at Magic City Casino always do such a great job with these events  and we are in talks to maybe play here later in the year,” said Hart. “Tiff did a cameo for us in the film and was hilarious, so we just wanted to show her some love and be here in support. Did you see the crowd? Amazing.”
“I can’t wait to see the film Everyone is talking about it,”said Tiffany.
“You are getting on stage with us for sure at the premier after party,” said John.
“Oh absolutely,” said a smiling Tiffany.

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